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Honey Bee Crafts

Bee craft rocks painted in the garden.Bring the world of bees to life with whimsical bee crafts that anyone can enjoy.

Perhaps you love honey bees, or maybe bumble bees are your favorite.

Either way, these bee crafts are sure to be a joy.  Some are well-suited for “kids of all ages”.  Other projects are more suitable for the younger set.  And, you will find a few bee crafts for adults.

When we enter the world of the honey bee, our experience also includes products from the hive. Honey and beeswax can be used to make many wonderful things.

Your bee art or craft may be a cute decoration for your home.  These DIY Mini Bee Skeps are adorable and sure to please any bee lover.

What about a conversation piece to place in the garden?  Garden art is very popular and fits well in small spaces too. You can design and create your own garden art pole with a bee theme.

Whether honey bees or bumble bees, these projects can help raise awareness about bees.  It is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of pollinators and how to help bees.