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Become a Beekeeper

New beekeeper inspects their first hive.There are a multitude of reasons that someone might want to become a beekeeper. Perhaps you want to get a beehive just for pleasure. Most apiarists are indeed hobby beekeepers.

In fact, being a beginner beekeeper is a unique life experience. But, beekeeping is a true business for some people.

A backyard beekeeper can sell a bit of honey for extra income. Large scale beekeepers manage thousands of hives for crop pollination or honey production.

No matter what your reasons for an interest in starting a beehive. To become a beekeeper, you need to know some basics. This is not a simple learn as you go endeavor – some advance preparation increases chances of success.

Beekeeper education, training, learning – no matter what you call it – good beekeeping requires some study. Take advantage of the numerous classes, good beekeeping books, and other training opportunities.

Local bee associations often offer fields days. There are even online beekeeping classes (like mine) that provide a great basic introduction.

After a bit of research, it is time to get your beekeeping equipment and supplies needed. The goal is to get everything set up and ready before bees arrive.

Let’s face it, you can’t really become a beekeeper until you have bees.

There are several ways to get bees for your first beehive – including buying bees. If you can catch a swarm, that is a fun way to get free bees – but it is not guaranteed.

This first year of getting started in beekeeping is challenging. There is a lot of learn, including many new beekeeping terms and words.

Prepare yourself, take your time and don’t forget to have fun in this experience of a lifetime.