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Beekeeping images and beekeeping class image.Beekeeping education is the key to learning how to be a successful beekeeper.

Honey bee colonies will not thrive and be productive without some management.  In fact, most hives will die within a couple of years.

Educate yourself on different types of hive management.  Take several beekeeping classes to gain insight from different beekeepers.

My online beekeeping class has helped thousands of new beekeepers. Online or in-person, you need an instructor you can relate to and feel comfortable asking questions.

Among thousands of beekeeping books, choose those that are written by researchers or real beekeepers.  Buzz into Beekeeping offers an inside look into the most important bee topics for the first year.

The best beekeeping books will be written by real beekeepers not content producers that are just rolling out copy to sell. All beekeepers have different strategies – learn from everyone and then form your own management plan.

Learn how to keep good hive records this is important in managing your hive efficiently.

Arm yourself with the educational knowledge needed to give your bees their best chance of survival. Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby but it is not without challenges.

Good education is the key to having the best experience with your hives.

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