Honey Facts: Secrets You Never Knew

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FAQ About Honey – Amazing Honey Facts

Honey is well known throughout the world as a sweet product produced by honey bees. Why is one jar of honey light in color and another dark? Why doesn’t all honey taste the same? The answer to these questions and other honey facts can help us understand this special product from the hive in new ways.

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Sweet honey is a welcome companion on the dinner table of millions of people. It can be eaten raw straight from the hive or used in cooking.

Despite our advances in food chemistry etc., we can not duplicate this natural sweetener. No artificial sweetener takes the place of real pure honey.

Beyond the table, the antibacterial properties of honey have made it a reliable aid in wound care or the treatment of burns.

Oh, honey how do we love thee. But, this natural sugar has some mysteries too. There are many books on the healing properties of honey – what else can it do?

Perhaps these common questions and answers about honey will offer a few surprises for you.

Most Common FAQS About Honey

What is honey?

Honey is most commonly defined as “a sweet substance that bees make as food from the nectar of plants or secretions of living parts of

There are many different varieties of honey – each with its own unique aroma and flavor.

How is honey made?

Honey is made by honey bees. The only insect that produces food directly consumed by humans.

The colony has a remarkable way of converting high moisture plant nectar into low moisture honey. Honey is suitable for long term storage in the colony – while watery nectar would spoil.honey bees working to make honey

How is honey harvested?

Most of the honey used on our tables come from large or small scale beekeepers. Responsible beekeepers take only the excess honey – leaving plenty for the colony.

When the bees have finished the process of converting nectar into honey, it is time for the honey harvest.

Beekeepers remove the boxes of finished honey and take them to a bee tight room. Here, the honey is removed from the wax combs.

Liquid honey is stored in large buckets until needed. It is common for honey to be bottled into smaller containers for daily use.

Which honey is best?

How do you know which honey is best to purchase? Well, in general, there are many different kinds of good honey.

The color of honey and taste varies. Your taste buds may not be the same as another person.

One thing that is certain- buy raw honey. Raw honey is straight from the hive. Honey that is micro-filtered or heat treated does not have as many micro-nutrients as raw honey.

Why does one honey taste different than another?

Because honey bees use plant nectar to make honey, taste will vary from one honey harvest to another.

Some plants produce nectar that results in dark strong honey and others such as clover blossoms – produce light mild flavored honey.

Is honey vegan?

Honey is not considered vegan in the strictest terms. This is due to the fact that bee may be harmed or killed in the process of producing honey.

However, some vegans do eat honey and include it in there otherwise plant-based diet.

Does honey go bad?

No, honey does not go bad. This is one of the most interested honey facts that always amazes folks.

If your honey is stored properly and protected from moisture – it will remain safe to eat for years and years.

Honey does lose some flavor and may darken over long periods of time. So, don’t delay – enjoy it while it is fresh.

Does honey need to be refrigerated?

No, honey does not need to be refrigerated. Even raw honey is shelf stable and should be kept in a warm dark place.

Why does honey crystallize?

A common cry – “my honey has turned to sugar” – is it spoiled? No, your honey has not spoiled – it has crystallized.

Honey crystallizes because of it chemical composition. It is a super-saturated sugar and naturally moves towards a solid state.

No harm done – you can easily decrystallize honey without damaging it.
jar with crystallized honey

Is honey bee vomit?

NO. This really irritates me when I see it in print on sites that should know better. Honey is NOT bee vomit!

Honey bees have a pre-stomach – located before their regular digestive tract. This is the honey stomach used for transporting nectar.

What is honey made of?

Honey has a complex chemistry profile that can not be mimicked by artificial sweeteners. A super saturated sugar – is it mostly a combination of glucose and fructose.

The ph of honey is relatively low ranging commonly from 3.9 to 6. This helps give honey is antibacterial properties.

Is honey better for you than regular sugar?

Some people believe that honey is healthier for you than sugar. The reason for this is because honey has a lower GI value than regular table sugar. It does not raise your blood sugar levels as quickly.

Researchers have expressed the option that some forms of honey contain extra healing properties – such as Manuka Honey.

Another benefit – because honey is sweeter than regular sugar – you may eat less of it. It is still sugar however and should be used in appropriate moderation for your health.


Though a simple well-known condiment, honey is also miraculous. The multitude of ways it can be used earns it a place in every home.

It’s long term storage capabilities means it is a good choice for emergency food stashes, preppers and any of us preparing for the zombie appocalypse.

Now that you know the true honey facts – consider new ways that you can incorporate honey into your lifestyle. Whether it is trying a new easy honey recipe or perhaps infusing honey with hot peppers to make your own hot honey.

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