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Bee Crafts

Bees inspire mankind in so many ways.  They have a reputation for being hard working insects.

We associate them with productivity and working together for the greater good.

It’s no wonder that using bees as an inspiration is so common in crafting.  We enjoy creating small replicas of their homes such as tiny bee skeps.

Painted bee rocks add sweetness to our garden areas.  Reminding us to plant, and garden in bee friendly ways. And who wouldn’t want to provide a safe bee drinking station for hungry pollinators – one that is so pleasing to look at too!

In spite of a possible sting, most people find honey bees and bumble delightful.

Endless possibilities exist for making bee theme-crafts by folks of all ages and interests. Even the smallest children can make a small bee waterer craft.  This opens a wonderful opportunity to discuss the importance of pollinators.

Whether you are designing décor for the garden, the home or a special occasion – you are sure to find a bee craft idea to fit.