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Diy herbal wax sachets made with flowers - set of 4 image.

Wax Sachet Recipe Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Use raw beeswax, dried herbs and essential oils to create your own homemade scented wax sachets.
This natural air freshener can add a pleasant scent to any small location. They are easy to make and are a great option for small gifts.
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  • Melt beeswax in a double boiler. Beeswax is easy to work with but it is flammable if it gets too hot.
    Yes you "could" use the microwave but a double boiler is much safer.
    Melting raw beeswax in double boiler image.
  • While the wax is melting, prepare your molds by spraying with mold release or Pam Cooking Spray. I prefer to use a silicone mold that I bought for this purpose.
    But you can use any small mold such as : cookie cutters lined with plastic wrap, small plastic bowls, silicone molds in different shapes etc.
    Spraying mold release on silicone mold for wax sachets image.
  • Once the wax is completely melted remove pan from heat. Add 30-50 drops of the essential oil of your choice.
    You may divide the wax into 2 or 3 different cups if you want to have different scents in one batch.
    If you do so, adjust the drops of essential oil per cup.
    Bottle of essential oils and dropper to add to melted bees wax image.
  • Pour wax into prepared molds of your choice. Sprinkle dried herbs on the surface of the cooling wax. Now you must be patient while the wax hardens.
    If patience is not your virtue you can put the mold in the freezer for a bit to hurry things along.
    Hot beeswax poured into sachet molds with dried herbs image.
  • Once the wax has cooled completely and hardened, remove your beeswax sachet from the mold.
    If you use the type of mold that I do, you will have a "hanger" holed in your sachet.
    If not, use a small knife to create one. Add a colorful ribbon or piece of natural twine to each sachet to serve as a hanger. Enjoy!
    Cooling beeswax sachets in mold image.


* This easy project is a lot of fun. However, you must take proper safety measures to prevent burns or fire.
Beeswax can be difficult to remove from pots and pans. It is best to have special ones that are dedicated to wax use.
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