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Various beeswax christmas ornaments blackened image.

Blackened Beeswax Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Create your own unique blackened beeswax Christmas ornaments using these step by step directions. This process uses clay cookie molds and ground cinnamon for a truly traditional hand made Christmas ornament experience.
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  • Melt beeswax using the double boiler method.  You do not want it to be extremely hot –just heat it enough to turn the wax liquid.
    Melting wax in pot image.
  • Prepare your clay cookie molds (Brown Bag or other).  They should be clean with no bits of dirt, dust, or debris inside the molds.
    Generously spray each mold with a coating of mold release or cooking spray.  This helps remove the finished ornament from the mold.
    Using spray on cookie mold image.
  • Use a level to ensure that your molds are setting on a level surface.  Use small craft sticks, etc to make sure the mold is level both ways. 
    This helps prevent wax from pouring over the side while filling.
    Use tool to level mold image.
  • Cut the jute twine (or whatever your hanger choice material) into 6” lengths.  They can be any length but 6” inches works well for me.
    Sections of jute twine to make hanger for blackened beeswax ornament image.
  • Slowly fill the cookie mold with melted wax, do not overfill.  Only fill one ornament at a time.  As the wax cools in the mold, you will notice the wax pulling away from the edges. 
    Once the wax is completely set but still warm – remove the ornament from the mold and throw it back in the melting pot. Seriously,  this was a practice run. 
    Now check that the mold is clean with no wax residue – spray again with mold release .  Why throw away the first ornament? 
    This practice run warms the clay mold and makes the second ornaments look better with less marring. (But you don’t have todo a test run if you don’t want to.)
    Molded beeswax ornament cooling in mold image.
  • For our second try, again slowly fill the mold with melted beeswax. Once the mold is full ofwax you are ready to add a hanger. 
    Take a hanger cord and push both ends down into the hot wax.  Use a craft stick if necessary and hold the hanger under for just a few seconds.
    Cord used as a hanger for beeswax ornament image.
  • Within the next 15 – 20 minutes, the second pouring should cool enough to remove from the mold. 
    While the beeswax ornament is still warm – rub ground cinnamon on the beeswax surface on both sides.  This gives the beeswax ornament a grubby, folk-art look. Very cool. 
    Rubbing powdered cinnamon on beeswax ornament image.


*Some types of cinnamon are darker than others.  I used Ceylon cinnamon because that’s what I had on hand.  If you chose a darker cinnamon, your ornaments will take on a more blackened appearance.
* Safety Alert - Beeswax is flammable if overheated. Also melt wax with constant supervision and take all precautions to prevent fire or burns.
*Be sure your mold is sitting on a level surface.
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