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honey bee eating pollen patty

Pollen Patty Recipe for Honey Bees

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step instructions to use dry pollen to create a protein patty for beehives.
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  • scissors
  • large bowl
  • large spoon


  • 2 cups dry pollen substitute-Ultra Bee I use the Mann Lake version
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 tsp Honey B Healthy (or other supplement-optional)
  • 6 pieces wax paper squares - 8" x 12"
  • 1/2 cup water - more or less - must adjust
  • 1 piece small pieces of tape (optional)


  • A simple method of making patties is to start with dry pollen substitute. Again, I doubt brand matters as long as it is good quality.
    Mix the substitute with a smaller quantity of cane sugar. I generally start with 2 cups of pollen substitute and 1 cup of sugar.
    Add water until you get a "thick" consistency. That’s it. You can adjust the ingredient amounts until you get the consistency you desire.
    Ingredients for pollen patty recipe in large bowl image.
  • You want the mixture to be wet enough to have sufficient moisture but not so liquid that it runs everywhere.
    I usually add just a bit of "Honey B Healthy" or other essential oil bee supplement recipe (you can make your own.)
    Adding essential oil food supplement to pollen patty recipe image.
  • Rolling Up the Pollen Patty - I prefer to roll my protein mixture up into a “pollen taco” with wax paper.
    The honey bees can easily chew through the wax paper and it keeps the mixture from drying out too fast.
    I often use a small piece of tape to hold the paper together. I may use a couple of small piece to keep the ends closed until I get the pollen patty on the hive. Then, I cut those to have the ends open.
    Wrapping pollen patty in wax paper image.


** Use extreme caution in regions with Small Hive Beetles.  They love to lay eggs in pollen patties.
In most cases it is better to use small patties and replace as needed.
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