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Easy pattern for diy gnome, honey bee gnome tutorial image.

DIY Gnome Bee Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step directions to create an easy gnome honey bee.
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  • Fold the piece of black felt in half. Sew the bottom and open side with a good seam. Turn the piece inside out so the seam is on the inside.
    You can use a sewing machine or hand sew. We want a good tight seam to hold the rice. This is the body of your bee gnome.
    Black felt folded in half with sew lines for diy gnome body image.
  • There are several materials you can use to fill the body. We need some weight there to ensure he will stand up.
    The most readily available option is dry rice. Use about 3 cups of rice to fill out the body.
    Measuring cup, and rice used to fill body of gnome pattern image.
  • You should have enough room to gather and tie the top of the bag. You can use a couple of good rubber bands or twisted wire.
    My favorite is a zip tie that is very easy to work with and get a good seal.
    Black felt bag filled with rice and zip tied closed image.
  • Lay down the fabric chosen for a hat with right sides together. Place pattern piece for gnome hat on the fabric as shown. Cut out hat.
    Bee fabric folded right side together with gnome hat pattern on fold image.
  • With the hat piece still right sides together, sew with machine or by hand along the seam line. This forms the cone that will become the hat for your bee gnome.
    Stuffing the inside of the bee gnome hat image.
  • Turn the hat right side out. Pack some polyfill (or similar) into the hat. Use your scissors or something slim to reach the tip so your hat will stand up.
    Bee fabric material hat with white polyfill image.
  • Don't make the mistake that I first did of over-filling the hat. You do not need to fill the cone completely. Leave room for the sides of the hat to fit down over the bag of rice.
    Stuffing the inside of the bee gnome hat image.
  • Using one of your hands ( or a coupe of pins), place the hat down over the top 1/3 or so of the gnome body. Use the hot glue gun to attach.
    Don't be stingy with your glue. People make want to pick your bee gnome up by the hat! Let cool until set.
    Using hot glue gun to attach bee gnome hat to body image.
  • It's time to cut the beard. Lay your beard pattern on the backside of the fur fabric. Check to make sure that the direction of the fur is going the way you want.
    Labeled paper pattern for bee gnome beard image.
  • When cutting your gnome beard, gently insert your scissors under the backing material only. You do not want to cut the strands of fur just the backing.
    Cut beard fur on back side as marked image.
  • Use the hot glue gun to attach beard to front of bee gnome body. It normally sits right at the hat line.
    Using glue to attach beard to bee gnome image.
  • Glue jute cord around the seam where the hat meets the body. Then, glue on a wooden bead (or similar) right under the cord to be the gnome nose.
    Honey bee gnome with beard and nose finished image.
  • Use a lint roller (optional) to remove any furry residue from the body.
    Using lint roller to clean fuzz off black felt image.
  • To complete our bee theme. Use 2 black pipe cleaners to make antenna. For each, wrap one end 3 times about a pencil (or finger).
    Cut length to about 5 inches. Then, glue to area between jute cord and hat.
    Black pipe cleaner antenna glued on gnome bee image.


  • Small wire can also be used to secure the top of the body bag.  I liked the zip ties better.
  • Be careful when cutting the fur fabric for the beard - don't cut the fur underneath.
  • If you do not want to use rice for filling - commercial filling is available.
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