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Homemade bee watering station sitting on large rock in a garden image.

DIY Bee Watering Station Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Just a few simple steps to create a small honey bee watering station for your garden. All area pollinators will enjoy visiting too!
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  • heat gun (or hairdryer)


  • 1 piece terra cotta clay pot 8" with saucer
  • 1 can spray paint primer - Bullseye 1-2-3 (or similar )
  • 1 can Clear Coat Sealer
  • 2 pieces small craft paint brush
  • 1 pkg Small Rocks of Pebbles
  • 3 pieces Craft Paint Outdoors assorted
  • 1 piece Paint Pen Black


  • Painting the Pot. (This is optional but highly recommended.) If you want to leave the natural clay surface - only paint the inside of the pot that will not be visible. This seals out moisture.
    Turn the pot upside down and spray paint the outside with primer/paint.  
    This will seal the pot and make the surface more suitable for decorating with colorful paint.  Use any color you want for your garden. Let dry completely.
    Clay pot and saucer painted in base color for bee water station image.
  • Draw Simple Designs on the Outside Surface.
    Use a pencil to lightly trace simple flowers or designs on your pot. Remember, it will be upside down (when finished) so draw your flowers in the correct orientation.
    Penciled flower design on painted clay pot image.
  • Add Color to Your Design: When you are pleased with your pencil sketches – use outdoor craft paint to add color. 
    black paint marker makes a nice bold outline around your colors. Then, fill in the flowers or other decorations with colorful paint.
    Optional: Use a heat gun or hair dryer to hasten paint drying.
    Painted clay pot for bee watering station with flowers image.
  • Seal Your Design. Once the paint is dry, you may wish to spray the pot and saucer with clear acrylic sealer and let dry again. 
    This is to keep your colors looking fresh for a longer time .With the pot upside down, set the saucer on top.  You could glue this in place if you wish or leave the bee watering station in two parts.
    Clay pot bee waterer in garden image.
  • Add water and rocks or pebbles. Let the bee watering station dry and cure for a couple of days. Then, choose a nice level place in your garden,.
    Place a few large rocks (or many small pebbles) in the saucer to give the bees safe drinking places.  Add water and enjoy.
    Finished bee watering station with rocks and water in flower garden image.
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