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Field of flowers and materials needed to make flower seed balls recipe image.

Flower Seed Balls Recipe for DIY

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Create Wildflower Seed Balls using powdered red clay, soil and water to increase bee habitat in your area.
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  • large bowl



  • Sifting the soil.
    If you buy special soil matrix you can skip this step. But if you are using “soil” from a garden center, remove any large pieces of bark, sticks etc.
    We want the soil to be soft and rather fine in texture.
    Potting soil sifted fine for use in making seed balls image.
  • In a large bowl, combine the soil and red clay powder. This is not rocket science so the measurements do not have to be exact.
    I used a plastic drink cup (about 8 fl oz). Wanting more soil than clay – I measured 1 cup of the clay and 2 cups of the soil.
    Fine soil and red clay in a large bowl image.
  • Choose the seed mixture that you prefer. You can choose annual or perennials and there is no real guideline on how many to use.
    Some of the bee favorites in my yard are wildflowers, zinnia, and cosmos – so I made sure to include these.
    For the soil mixture in this recipe – I added about 1/2 pound (of 8 oz net wt) of seed.
    Pour in the seed and use your hand to mix all the dry matter together. Then, slowly add small amounts of warm water.
    Mixing carefully as you go until the whole mess is just sticky enough to hold together. If you are not pleased with the consistency, don’t fret.
    You can always add a bit more water or dry matter until you are pleased.
    Wet ingredients ready to roll into seed balls image.
  • Use your hands to roll small bits of your seed ball mixture into little balls.
    The size of a large marble is perfect – or maybe you want to make some that are ping-pong ball sized. Use gloves if you want to protect your manicure.
    That’s it! All you need to do now is let the flower seed balls dry for a day or two. 
    Finished flower seed balls drying on a paper image.
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