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Egg shells used a candle molds for beeswax candles image.

Egg Shaped Beeswax Candles Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step directions for using empty egg shells as molds for beeswax candles.
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  • Using a double boiler melt enough beeswax to fill the number of egg shaped beeswax candles you want to make.
    If this is your first time, take a guess. You can always add more to the melting pot if needed. Use clean raw beeswax or you can purchase beeswax pastilles.
    Melting beeswax in double boiler image.
  • If you want your egg candle to really be useful, consider your wick choice.
    For most types of beeswax candles, square braided cotton wicks are suitable. For this project I used a 2/0 wick size.
    Prior to pouring the candle, you should “pickle your wick”. This simply means to hold the wick by one end and dip the rest of it into warm wax.
    Remove the wick once it is coated with wax and lay it down straight to cool just a bit. This process helps the wick become stiff and straight.
    Pot of melted beeswax and length of cotton candle wicking image.
  • After the wick has cooled a little but is still warm and pliable, insert it through the empty egg shell.
    Curl up one end of the wick and gently seal the bottom hole in the egg.
    If this proves difficult, and you and unable to seal the bottom of the egg – don’t fret. You can use just a bit of air dry clay, play dough or florist putty to gently seal the bottom hole in the egg and help hold the wick in the bottom.
    Length of candle wick inserted into empty egg shell image.
  • Continue preparing the egg shells until you have a wick for each one. Using an egg cart to hold the eggs in an upright position is a good idea.
    This makes handling the eggs easier and holds them in place while you fill them with hot wax.
    Empty egg shell with cotton wicks inserted sitting in an open egg crate image.
  • Fill each shell with melted wax. Try to reserve enough wax to fill a shell completely in one pour.
    If you have to stop to melt more wax, do that before starting on the next egg.
    Don’t be alarmed if a little wax leaks out of the bottom of the egg. A small leak will not affect your finished egg shaped candle.
    Fill each shell with melted beeswax. Then, sit them aside to cool completely. This may take several hours.
    If you have trouble keeping the candle wick in place, a wooden skewer, toothpick or bobby pin can be used to hold it in place while the wax cools.
    Melted beeswax being poured into empty egg shells image.
  • Once cool, break the egg shell and peel all parts of the shell away. What do you have inside? A beautiful egg shaped beeswax candle.
    Beeswax craft egg candles sitting in an egg crate image.
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