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How to Make Beeswax Vapor Rub Tutorial

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
This recipe for diy vapor rub makes about 6 ounces of finished product. Even though it will keep for months, I prefer to make small batches. If you want more – just double the ingredients.
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  • Start with preparing your beeswax and getting the right measurement. If you are using beeswax pellets, this step is a breeze.
    Using blocks of wax is fine – if you want to help the wax melt faster – you can grate the wax down into smaller pieces.
    Grated beeswax measured for making beeswax vapor rub recipe image.
  • Beeswax is such an easy medium to work with. Whether you are making beeswax candles or even body butter, it melts quite easily.
    However, beeswax is flammable if it is overheated and can scorch or burn. The safest way to melt wax is by using a double boiler.
    Because getting wax out of a good pot is almost impossible – I use a small double boiler insert for all recipes involving beeswax. I have several of various sizes and they are just so handy.
    Melting beeswax in a small double boiler insert image.
  • Once the beeswax is completely liquid, it is time to add your cocoa butter and coconut oil. The coconut oil will melt quickly, the cocoa butter takes just a few minutes. Stir well.
    Cocoa butter and coconut oil added to melted beeswax in boiler image.
  • Have your essential oils handy and ready to use. It is advisable to let the vapor rub mixture cool just a moment to lower the temperature. This avoids harming our essential oils.
    However, if you leave it too long it will begin to harden. Count the required drops and add the selected essential oils.
    Adding essential oils to beeswax vapor rub recipe image.
  • As soon as the essential oils are mixed in, pour your vapor rub into the selected containers. I used what I had on hand.
    However, as this is a rub that might involved you dipping it out with your fingers – keep that in mind when selecting a container.
    Pouring beeswax vapor rub recipe into containers image.
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