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Scented soy beeswax tarts in a plastic container image.

How to Make Scented Beeswax-Soy Tarts

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step directions for making melts or tarts with a beeswax and soy blend.
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  • Beeswax takes longer to melt than soy – so you might want to begin with the beeswax. The safest method for melting beeswax is by using the double boiler method.
    This is basically a medium sized pot with water that holds a smaller pot with your beeswax. I have several of these little metal candy making pots for beeswax crafting.
    Measure your 2 oz of beeswax and place it in the melting pot. Small pieces or beeswax pastilles melt faster but a chunk of block melts too!
    Small double boiler insert melting beeswax for homemade tarts image.
  • Weigh your soy wax flakes and put into a suitable melting pot or double boiler.
    Instead - Soy can be melted in the microwave. Just heat it in short bursts – checking until it liquifies.
    Melting soy flakes in microwave for tart recipe image.
  • Mix the melted soy wax and beeswax together and stir with a craft stick to blend. Let the mix cool for just a minute.
    Pouring melted soy flakes into pot with melted beeswax image.
  • Add the desired essential oil or fragrance. The amount needed depends on the oil used. Begin with manufacturers advice. Stir to blend.
    Essential oil fragrance being added to beeswax soy tart mixture image.
  • Pour the hot mixture into your silicone molds.  I usually spray my molds with mold release spray first but this is usually not needed with soft silicone molds. 
    You can find many types of cute molds that work well for making beeswax and soy tarts. I choose bees but any small candy mold will work.
    Pouring tart recipe into bee shaped silicone molds image.
  • Leave the wax tarts to cool on the counter. Do not move the mold until the top has cooled enough to skim over well.
    If you are in a big hurry, you can then place them in the freezer for a few minutes. Otherwise, leave them to cool on the counter for a couple of hours.
    Homemade wax tarts cooling in mold image.
  • Once the tarts are cool and set, they will readily pop free of the mold. They are ready to use.
    DIY wax tarts being removed from silicone mold image.
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