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DIY bee garden art pole with bee designs image.

Painted Garden Art Pole (Bee Theme)

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Creating a custom design of a bee themed garden art pole for your garden or backyard living space.P
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  • Square Ruler
  • Paint Brushes Asst



  • Prepping the wooden pool. Most likely, the pole chosen will have some cracks. Take the time to fill any major cracks with wood filler.
    After drying for the required time, use sandpaper to smooth off excess wood filler and other major wood imperfections.
    Wooden pole for art project with crack and wood filler image.
  • Paint wooden pole with base coat.
    To ensure the best chance of a good painting surface, spray all sides of your pole with a good sealer. Kilz or a similar spray works well. (Black Cat helper is optional).
    Wooden pole sprayed with white sealer and black cat helper image.
  • Use ruler or square to keep design straight.
    Because the pole has 4 sides, you may find a ruler or square very helpful. Of course, no one says you have to have the sides line up – but if you plan a stripe of color around the pole – this tool is handy.
    Using square ruler to line up design on art pole.
  • Paint background colors and sections.
    If your bee garden art pole features several sections with different background colors, now is the time to do so. Mark off the sections for different colors and get to painting.
    Painting black color on bee garden art pole image.
  • Add small designs. Freehand, stencils or trace.
    Now is the time to add small design elements. Use stencils if you can. Other wise, print simple images, coat the back with pencil lead and trace the image on your project.
    Flower image traced on wooden pole for garden image.
  • It's okay to start over if you don't like something.
    Be prepared for some over painting – something it looks like a good idea until it isn’t. Acrylic paint is very forgiving.
    Painted garden art pole with sunshine design image.
  • Cure and seal.
    Once you are pleased (or as please as you are going to be) with your design, let the project dry for a day.
    Then, it is a good idea to spray with a good coat of acrylic sealer. If your post will be exposed to really harsh weather, you can use marine sealer or something similar for increased protection.
    Can of gloss sealing for coating painted garden art image.
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