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Trio of beeswax sewing cakes in gift bags image.

DIY Beeswax Sewing Cake Gift Idea

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Create a unique and inexpensive gift for your favorite seamstress or crafter. A handmade beeswax sewing cake has many uses beyond sewing. Consider adding this project to your list of easy handmade gifts.
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  • Beeswax bars:
    If you have the time, you can purchase raw beeswax and make your own bars.  Use a double boiler to melt the wax and pour into suitable molds. This can be a regular bar mold or you can make a fun shape - even silicone cup cake liners work!
    If you don’t have the time for that – buy some bars that are ready to go. The most common size is the 1 oz (net wt) bar of wax – though of course they can be any size or shape.
    This rectangular bar is easy to handle and looks rather like a little bar of gold – which of course it is -to the bees!
    Several small bars of raw beeswax for sewing project.
  • Choose a container or gift bag:
    The bar needs a container. Presentation is everything – it can be a tin or bag. Small organza bags are great for beeswax and can be used for any shape. 
    The bag will hold 1, 2, 3 or more small 1-ounce bars.The very nature of the bag, allows the wax to show through and the delightful wax aroma to escape. 
    Choose any color that matches the occasion or compliments your natural wax color. Avoid bag materials that are fuzzy.
    Beeswax does not melt unless it is exposed to temperatures over 147°F but it will attract fuzzy particles.
    Colorful organza bags for gifts.
  • Gift tag:
    Add a tag - this is where you can let your creativity go wild. Make it as simple or as fancy as you wish.
    While some people do understand the value of a beeswax bar, not everyone realizes the potential.  Add a small tag that explains the intended purpose of the bar of wax. I have a simple template that you can use or adapt to your project.
    Template sheet for beeswax cake tag.
  • Fold and attach tag:
    You can simply place your gift tag inside the bag. But, I think it looks very nice to embellish the tag in some way and attached it to the outside.
    Fold your tag and use a small hole punch to create a hole for ribbon or string. This will attach the label to your gift bag.
    Using a hole punch to create hole in tag.
  • Embellish gift tag front:
    For the front of the tag, you can decorate in any way. Something special that I like to do is use a simple bee outline stamp with some embossing ink and embossing powder. This create a unique raised bee design on the front of the cover.
    Let dry and then assemble your beeswax sewing cake gift bag. Your friends will be delighted.
    Bee stamp and embossing powder to create a gift tag for cake of beeswax gift image.
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