Online Beekeeping Class for Beginners

Imagine harvesting fresh honey from your own beehive.

Your vegetable gardens and fruit trees yield large crops due to good pollination.

All because your beehives are a healthy, productive part of your homestead.

But how do you get there?

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Perhaps, the idea of becoming a beekeeper sounds really cool but you have no idea where to start !

Don’t let beginner beekeeping confusion hold you hostage.

My Online Beekeeping Classes Will Help You!

  • avoid costly mistakes with clear advice on what to purchase
  • beehive setup instructions ensure that your bee yard is ready when bees arrive
  • hive inspection tips tell you what to look for during inspections
  • annual beekeeping calendar keeps you on track with hive management
  • when and how to harvest honey from your hives

Learning to keep bees involves a lot of information that can be overwhelming.

Don’t wait until you know it all to begin, you never will.

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This class gives you all the information you need to get started with bees.
From ordering your bees to harvesting your first crop of honey, the tips and guidelines will help you be successful.

Online Beekeeping Class Benefits

This online class is available on YOUR schedule, 24/7 – watch at home when you are free.

Don’t understand something? Watch it again.

Never have to rely on notes from a live class and wondering “what did she say about that?”

The basic beekeeping foundation that you need for your first hives.

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17 modules of study with videos and notes – over 2 1/2 hours of in-depth video content!  

All for the low price of $119


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There you have it – several good reasons to use this class as your introduction to beekeeping. Can I guarantee success? No – no one can but you will certainly have the odds in your favor when you educate yourself about bees and beekeeping before the bees arrive.

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Join me, Beekeeper Charlotte