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Beeswax is a common item that everyone is familiar with.

But where does it come from? – Honey bees make beeswax to form the structure of their home.

During honey harvesting excess wax is collected.  This does not harm the bee colony – they are good wax producers.

Beeswax is very valuable. In fact, on a per pound basis it is more valuable than honey. This natural wax is known as a great material for making pure beeswax candles.

But it can do much, much more.  There are hundreds of uses for beeswax in and around your home.  From the kitchen to the work shop, this natural wax made by bees finds a way to make our lives easier.

Cleaning the air by creating your own beeswax wax melts ensures there are no toxic chemicals being released.  Another great idea for using beeswax to freshen the air in small rooms are these herbal beeswax sachets.

What about the great outdoors? Ready to take a hike in the woods?  Try a simple beeswax waterproofing recipe on those old hiking boots. Keep your feet dry and warm.

Is it bug season? Oh no, better have a tube of Beeswax Bug Bite Stick in your pocket.

Hive products have been used in various health care regimes for thousands of years.  The low melting temperature and plasticity of beeswax makes it perfect for beeswax lip balms.

Healing salves such as Calendula Salve benefit from the addition of this natural product too.

From waterproofing, to making beauty products and even polishing furniture – beeswax is a wonderful multi-use product.