Natural Dog Paw Balm: Easy to Make

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Humans aren’t the only ones who suffer the dry itchy skin that Winter weather can bring on.  Our furry friends are exposed to wet, cold and snow.  But, there are things you can do to ease their discomfort. If your dog’s foot pads could use a little TLC, try this natural dog paw balm with beeswax.  It is easy to make and Rover will surely thank you for the effort.

Why You Should Use Dog Paw Balm

Can of homemade dog paw balm and brown dog foot image.

Cold weather takes it toll on everyone’s skin. And while our furry friends are better suited for walking barefoot outdoors, they too can suffer from dry, cracked skin.

Walking in the ice, snow and salt on sidewalks and roadways is not kind to your pup’s paws. We love our pets and want to do everything we can to give them the best life possible.

We can’t protect them from everything, sometimes need to go outside regardless of the weather. But, we can help prepare them for those cold snow days.

It’s time to consider some natural moisturizer. If your pets are like mine, you can expect them to be licking anything you put within reach. That’s why I like homemade dog paw balm – I know exactly what it contains.

In the same way that beeswax moisturizes and protects our skin from the snow and cold, it can help the pads of your dog’s feet. Cracks in the pad can be uncomfortable, this mixture helps promote healing.


  • beeswax
  • oils
  • shea butter (optional)


Made by honey bees, this wax is used to construct the interior parts of their hive (honeycomb). Excess wax is harvested after the honey crop is removed from the hive.

Humans also enjoy using beeswax. In fact, it is used is many lotions, potions and salves-and for darn good reason. Beeswax is a humectant that helps lock in existing moisture.

Beeswax has a relatively low melting point and combines well with many other natural oils and waxes. If we can make beeswax lotion for ourselves – surely our furry friends deserve some soothing too.

Oils & Butters

Of course, we can’t make a spreadable dog balm with only wax – it is too stiff. We need to use a portion of oils or butters that can change the consistency of the final product.

You can use regular olive oil or even coconut oil. However, many people like to use a combination of Sweet Almond Oil and coconut oil with a bit of shea butter if you have it. These ingredients are a perfect hydration trio for dry skin – human or pup.

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Some recipes for homemade dog paw balm use cocoa butter. But, I do not prefer it as it smells too enticing. I fear that it may promote licking.

Harley dog smelling beeswax dog paw balm on his foot pads image.

Using Balm on Your Dog’s Feet

After making your dog paw balm, store it in a container with a lid. No special storage methods are required but keep the container away from heat or it will liquify. This paw balm will last for months (or more) without spoiling. 

To use apply a small amount to the pads of Rover’s feet and rub it in well. You can wipe away any excess to prevent tracking.

Only a small amount is needed to form a protective barrier between your dog’s feet and harsh weather. As always, test a small amount of the product on one paw at first to ensure your pup has no allergies.

Thanks to my nephew Harley for being my model. He thought the beeswax dog paw balm smelled pretty good.

This homemade paw balm can be a great preventative treatment for all the furry members of your family.  And, you can enjoy the fact that you know exactly what is in the recipe.

If you should feel yourself a bit jealous, consider making some beeswax balm for your feet– it is great for cracked heels. And, these lotion bars with beeswax are nice to have on hand during Winter too.

If you are in a rush and limited on ingredients and time – consider making this petroleum free jelly for use on pup’s feet or your dry skin. Just a light coat is all that is needed.

Expert Tips

Feel free to substitute other healing oils in the recipe if you wish – sunflower oil, mango butter, etc. However, the basic inexpensive oils will work just fine for a lot less expense.

I prefer to avoid using scent in dog paw balm. It is best if the pup doesn’t realize anything is on their skin. Fragrances – even essential oils – may cause excessive licking or even be dangerous to your dog. Save those for your human lotions etc.

**This recipe is for informational-entertainment purposes only. Any one (including dogs) can be allergic to anything. If you are concerned about this product, please consult your veterinarian before using.

Can of homemade dog paw balm and brown dog foot image.

DIY Dog Paw Balm

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step directions for how to make your own homemade dog paw balm using beeswax and other natural ingredients.
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  • Using a double boiler (I love this little insert for my wax making projects) melt your beeswax.
    Beeswax is flammable and using a double boiler with water in the bottom pot is the safest method of melting.
    Don’t rush things. Beeswax is solid and will take the longest time to melt so I like to start with it first.
    Beeswax for paw balm melting in pot image.
  • Once most of the beeswax is melted, add the other ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and allow all to melt.
    When all are liquid, stir to combine the ingredients well.
    Butters and oils melting for paw balm recipe image.
  • Remove from heat and pour ingredients in your storage containers. This recipe makes enough for a 5-6 oz jar. You can easily double it if you wish.
    You can use containers or any size – even small glass canning jars. But keep in mind that you will be dipping your fingers in the dog paw balm to apply it. A container with a large opening is best.
    Pouring melting ingredients into small container image.
  • Let the balm cool and harden and then add a cap and label. If the dog paw balm is for your dog, there is no need for a fancy label.
    However, do be sure to label the container in some way or you may forget what it is.
    Labeled tin of homemade dog paw balm image.
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