Carolina Honeybees With Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte Anderson beekeeper with a straw skep image.

Hi everyone, my name is Charlotte Anderson and I am a beekeeper.   Of course I’m many other things as well but I’ve developed a passion for bees-especially honey bees.

Why beekeeping?  Did I come from a long line of generations of beekeepers? No, I did not. In fact, I did not know any beekeepers.

But, I have always thought beekeeping was really cool.  Imagine managing a box of 60,000 insects and producing something to eat !

What is the most popular question I am asked ?  “Do you get stung?” .  Yes, I do but not as often as you might think.  And I have some sting relief remedies to use when it happens.

Knowing how to manage bees properly and safely is an important part of beekeeping. With experience, the stinging episodes become fewer.

I have spent all my life here in the foothills of the South Carolina mountains.   I have always had a special love for the land and a great appreciation of nature.  

My hobby farm features chickens, donkeys and a vegetable garden.   We have pasture, woods and two fresh water streams. The addition of honey bees seemed like a great idea. 

A honeybee colony would provide honey, beeswax and good pollination for my garden.

My apiary (bee yard) is at my home. The number of bee hives I have varies depending on the time of year.  My goal is to provide as natural as possible management methods for my honey bees.

I no longer manage large numbers of hives, instead focusing on the best care for the ones that I do have.  My plan revolves around being respectful of the bees and their needs.  

I do not “rob” the bees of all their honey.  I do not feed them High Fructose Corn Syrup.  As much as possible, I let them bee !

How I Became a Master Beekeeper

The challenge of becoming a beekeeper was something I was ready to undertake. However, the local library did not offer much material about becoming a beekeeper.  Thank goodness for Google and Amazon.

After some research into honeybee management, my journey into the world of beekeeping was underway . 

First female master beekeeper in SC image.

Joining local beekeeping associations and working through the Master Beekeeper Program (at that time administered by the SC Beekeepers Association and Clemson University) gave me the education I needed.

After completing the Master Beekeeper Program, I was honored to be chosen as Beekeeper of the Year in 2012 by the SC State Beekeepers.

Does that mean I know everything about beekeeping? No, not by a large margin – beekeeping is a continual learning experience.

An important aspect of being a member of the beekeeping community is spreading the word about the good things pollinators do for us.

Charlotte and Dad at beekeeping booth image.

Participating in numerous educational events over the years has given me the pleasure of sharing my journey with others.

For more than 10 years, my father and I volunteered at the Hagood Mill Historic Site near Pickens, SC. Every 3rd Saturday of the month would find us there talking bees. He also helped at many other beekeeping booth events.

(We lost Daddy in 2017 but I would not have made it to where I am in beekeeping without his support.)

I have enjoyed conversations with beekeepers from all parts of the world. Combining my love of beekeeping and an Education Degree from Clemson, the world of the honey bee came alive for visitors. Many new beekeepers have contacted me over the years for advice.

Teaching Others About Beekeeping

With years of experience and study, I have come to appreciate my honey bees even more.  And, I love helping people learn more about bees. Not everyone can have a hive of bees but everyone can do things to help bees and other pollinators.

My book and journals provide easy to follow instruction for new beekeepers.  This gives them a boost I didn’t have in the beginning.

Beekeeping display and beekeeper with awards image.

My Online Beginners Beekeeping Class was developed with over 13 years of experience in teaching others how to get started with bees.  

A perfect solution for people who want to learn more about bees but do not have the opportunity to attend a local class.  

These lessons were developed from the in person classes I participated in over the years.

My website contains tons of free information that can help anyone wanting to know more about beekeeping, gardening with bees in mind or just bee life in general.

Yes, you will find ads in my content – that is how I am able to provide free content to everyone interested in learning more about life with bees.

Each year, I sell a limited amount of honey, and beeswax. I do not have a retail store front but you can purchase available products in my Etsy  Store(click Here) 


  • Beekeeper of the Year in Pickens County SC 2012 and 2013
  • South Carolina Beekeeper of the Year 2012
  • First Female Master Beekeeper in South Carolina 2012
  • First Honey Farm in the US Certified by Earth Market Program
  • Snail Blazer Award 2015 ( Awarded by Slow Food Upstate – SC)
  • Buzz into Beekeeping Book Published 2020

Need to get in touch? – email: [email protected]