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Master Beekeeper Charlotte Anderson

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Local honey from Carolina Honeybees Farm

My dad and I were volunteers at Hagood Mill Folklife Center for 10 years. I would not have a business without his help. Thanks Dad. (Daddy went to be with Jesus – April 24 2017). I love you Daddy.

Hi everyone, my name is Charlotte Anderson and I am a beekeeper.   Why beekeeping?  Well, it’s because honeybees are so cool.  Imagine  managing a box of 60,000 insects and producing something to eat ! Honeybees are the only insect that produces a food product used by humans.  What is the most popular question I am asked ?  “Do you get stung?” .  Yes, I do but not as often as you might think.  Knowing how to manage bees properly and safely is an important part of beekeeping.  It is a rewarding pursuit and with the proper planning and training can be a great family project.

I have spent all my life here in the foothills of the South Carolina mountains.   I have always had a special love for the land and a great appreciation of nature.  The ability to produce food on the homestead was an idea that I appreciated and wanted to achieve.  While I would not classify myself as a “prepper”, I certainly like the idea of being able to survive off the land.   My hobby farm features chickens, goats and a vegetable garden.   We have pasture, woods and two fresh water streams. The addition of honeybees seemed like a great idea.  A honeybee colony would provide honey, beeswax and good pollination for my garden.

Master Beekeeper in South Carolina - Carolina Honeybees Farm

Charlotte Anderson SC Beekeeper of the Year – 2012 & 1st Female Master Beekeeper in South Carolina.

Honeybees are so industrious (and much more personable than wasps) . The challenge of becoming a beekeeper was something I was ready to undertake. However, the local library did not offer much material about becoming a beekeeper.  Thank goodness for Google and Amazon. After some research into honeybee management, my journey into the world of beekeeping was underway .  A craft primarily dominated by men, beekeeping is seeing a surge in interest from women.  Yes, woman can be beekeepers and darn good ones too !

My apiary (bee yard) is at my home. The number of bee hives I have varies depending on the time of year.  Sorry due to insurance issues – the farm is not open to the public. I am located in a rural area with no large-scale agriculture. My bees are not exposed to large fields of GMO crops or commercial pesticides. They gather nectar and pollen from the rolling hillsides and pastures.  My honey has a unique flavor due to the nectar producing blossoms in my area.

My goal is to provide the best possible natural management methods for my honeybees.  Bees are subject to many serious health problems in recent years.  These issues make being a beekeeper very challenging.  My plan revolves around being respectful of the bees and their needs.   I do not “rob” the bees of all their honey.  I do not feed them High Fructose Corn Syrup.  As much as possible, I let them bee !

I love sharing my love for Honeybees through my blog page.  Sign up for my enewsletter to stay informed. I have met many wonderful people during my beekeeper journey and my customers are the best !

I do not have a retail store.

You can find my products in a few select local locations around the upstate (Hagood Mill Gift Shop-Pickens SC,  & Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery-Greenville SC) and in my online store.

Life on the bee farm

Please enjoy the photos in the following gallery.  They will give you just a taste of the beauty of life on the bee farm.


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