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How to Make Beeswax Wax Melts

Wax melts are a popular way to freshen the air without using a wick. Also, called wax tarts, these small pieces of scented wax release scent as they melt. Rather than use petroleum by products, you can create lovely melts with this wax melts recipe using beeswax.

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Homemade Wax Melts with Beeswax

Wax melts are small cubes of various waxes. They come in many different fun shapes. Beeswax is a common natural wax used to make these types of products. But, they can be made with other materials too such as soy wax.

How Wax Melts Differ From Candles

Unlike a candle, beeswax melts do not have a wick. The wax is not burned – it is only warmed to release the fragrance. A wide range of essential oils and fragrance oils are used when making homemade wax melts.

Why Is Beeswax Good for Melts?

Beeswax is a great choice for making wax melts. This natural wax is a clean product compared to some other ingredients.

A renewable resource, beeswax is made by honey bees. Excess wax is left over after the honey harvest and can be used in many ways in the home.

While not as critical as in candle making, you need clean beeswax to make melts. When buying commercial beeswax – it is usually clean and ready to use but you pay more for the convenience.

Natural raw beeswax diy products will only contain the ingredients that you add. This lets you control the recipe for your homemade health and beauty items.

If you buy raw wax from a local beekeeper, be sure to clean the wax before using. You can even make your own solar wax melter for a few bucks.

Homemade Wax Melts are Safer

Commercial wax melts are often made of paraffin and other substances. When heated, there is a danger of indoor air pollution from the wax and added synthetic fragrances.

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By making your own diy wax melts at home, you can be sure of the ingredients that you are using – regardless of the kind of wax you wish to use in your recipe.

Some people with allergies that find burning candles irritating might be able to tolerate beeswax melts better.

Materials Needed to Make Beeswax Melts

  • beeswax
  • coconut oil
  • essential oil – your choice of scent
  • molds
  • double-boiler

When making beeswax projects, I measure my ingredients by net weight. A simple kitchen scale is perfect for the job.

Your measurements do not have to be exact here. We are not making “rocket fuel” or anything that requires precise computations.

If you do not have a scale – no worries. You can measure your ingredients and use a ratio. For example, in this recipe you want twice as much beeswax as coconut oil.

It is a good idea to gather all of your materials before starting this project. Wax can be messy. Spreading newspaper or freezer paper on the counter to create an easy to clean work space is advised.

How Much Fragrance Oil to Use in Your Beeswax Melts

The type of fragrance oil or essential oil used will play a role in the amount needed. Also, personal preference matters too – you may not want a strong scent.

It is wise to begin with a small amount of fragrance – you can always add more. In general, fragrance oil should not exceed 6% or 1 ounce per pound of wax.

Three homemade beeswax melts image.

DIY Beeswax Melts Recipe

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Step by step instructions for making wax melts or tarts with beeswax.
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  • Melting beeswax: While you can use the microwave, the best and safest way to melt beeswax is by using a double-boiler.
    I am loving this small double-boiler. It is easy to clean and is large enough for most of my projects.
    When paired with a pot to hold water, it makes a great tool for melting beeswax.
    Double boiler insert for melting beeswax for making melts image.
  • Add coconut oil: Measure 4 oz. (net wt.) of beeswax and 2 oz. (net wt.) of coconut oil.
    Place these in your double boiler and turn the heat to medium.
    As the water in the bottom pot heats up, your wax will begin to melt. It will take longer for the beeswax to melt than the coconut oil.
    Gently stir occasionally until everything is melted and combined.
    Melting wax and oils for beeswax melt recipe image.
  • Add fragrance oil or essential oil: Remove the melting pot from the hot water bath.
    Now, it is time to add our fragrance. Adding fragrance to hot oils can affect its aroma. Your beeswax melt recipe mixture should not be above 185° F when oils are added.
    I added 50 drops of Balsam Fir Essential Oil to this recipe because I wanted a strong scent. You may need to experiment a bit to choose the best one for you.
    Fragrance, molds and materials for beeswax melts image.
  • Molding: This is the fun part.
    As soon as the fragrance oil is added – give the recipe a quick stir. Then pour the hot ingredients into any type of mold or form that you wish.
    There are many types of molds to choose from but silicone cupcake wrappers work well too. If not using silicone, you may need a mold release spray.
    Pouring melted beeswax mix for melts into molds image.
  • Cool and remove from mold: Allow the mixture to cool for a couple of hours. As it cools, the mixture will harden and take the form of the mold.
    Once the mixture is set, you can easily remove your wax melts from the mold.
    They are ready to use! Add a cute bee bag and ribbon for a quick homemade gift.
    Homemade wax melts made with beeswax in a gift bag image.

How Long do Beeswax Melts Last?

The fragrance of beeswax melts will last various lengths of time. This depends on the type of fragrance and strength used in the melt.

Unbleached natural beeswax has a slight honey smell. If you want a different fragrance, choose a strong scent such as peppermint, pine needle or orange.

If you like these, try this recipe for Scented Beeswax and Soy Tarts. Using soy instead of coconut oil – they have a different melt behavior.

Creating with beeswax is easy and fun. However, always take some basic safety precautions to prevent injury.

  • beeswax is flammable (as are most other oils)- avoid overheating
  • pots and pans exposed to wax are hard to clean – used dedicated craft pots
  • take every precaution to prevent burns – use pot holders, safety glasses and gloves where needed

Try some other fun beeswax crafting projects: Body Butter with Beeswax Recipe, Foot Balm with Beeswax.

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