Buzz into Beekeeping Book

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Ultimate Beginners Book

A Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Successful Beekeeper

*over 500 tips for keeping bees, harvesting honey & crafting with beeswax!

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This title is available in paperback and digital format.

Buzz into Beekeeping Teaches You:

  • how to buy honey bees
  • which type of beehive is best for beginners
  • how to find the best place for your hive
  • when and how to feed your honey bees
  • pest conditions to watch out for
  • how to perform hive inspections
  • what to do for queen problems
  • how to harvest honey
  • how to prepare your hives for Winter
  • and much, much more

Beekeeping involves a fascinating journey into the world of the honey bee. It is much more than simply putting a family of bees into a box.

To have healthy productive hives, you must learn how to care for your bees.

Buzz into Beekeeping gives you the exact beginner beekeeper information that you need to start your beekeeping experience in the right way.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

I am confident that this clearly written beginner beekeeping book will help you on your journey to be a better beekeeper.

About the Author:

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Charlotte Anderson is a Master Beekeeper living in upstate South Carolina. After many years of serving the local beekeeping community, she continues to help new beekeepers through her website (
She and her husband Richard live in the foothills of the SC mountains with their mini donkeys, chickens and other pets.