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Meet Master Beekeeper Charlotte Anderson

I have been active in the beekeeping community for more than 13 years. One of my favorite passions is helping people learn more about honey bees and creative ways to use beehive products.

Join my quest to promote a better understanding of bees.

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Beekeeping is an activity enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Beginning beekeepers often feel overwhelmed with the massive amount of new terminology. The beekeeper must understand the importance of various beekeeping tasks.

Knowing how to feed bees, where to place a hive and how to perform hive inspections are all vital skills.  Even the experienced beekeeper must control hive pests, such as varroa mites, to keep the bees healthy and productive.

Those who invest time and effort into the practice of beekeeping may reap a golden honey harvest.  In addition, they know that they work with one of the most fascinating insects in the world.


Among the thousands of species of bees in the world, only 1 is used to produce food for humans.  Honey bees are appreciated for the sweet honey that bees produce from plant nectar.  Also, bees collect pollen and add billions of dollars to modern agriculture efforts.

The queen honey Bee is the most important member of the colony but she does not work alone.  Beekeepers who understand the dynamics of the hive are more likely to be successful.  And all bee lovers enjoy learning more about this fascinating insect. In fact, kids of all ages enjoy honey bee crafts and art projects.

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Beeswax is produced by bees in the genus Apis – honey bees. Worker bees make beeswax from special wax glands on the underside of their abdomen. This wax forms the many combs inside hive.

But beeswax is not only used by bees!  We humans have numerous ways to use beeswax in and around our homes.  From making beeswax candles to creating healing beeswax balms for cracked heels, you are sure to find a beeswax recipe to try.

Beeswax is a valuable product of the hive.  It sells for more per pound than honey and provides another income stream for beekeepers.

Uses for Honey

Honey is a sweet liquid substance made by honey bees from mainly plant nectar.  Stored inside the hive for use when needed, a colony produces a lot of honey.

This natural sugar is ideal for sweetening your morning cup of coffee or tea. It can be used in cooking as an ingredient instead of regular sugar.  But the uses for honey go far beyond the dinner table.

If honey is stored properly, it never spoils.  This makes it a perfect staple to keep in the pantry.  In addition, honey is a traditional treatment for coughs and colds and used for honey burn salves in wound care. 

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Recipes made with honey are a great way to incorporate fresh raw food into your diet. Honey can be used in many different ways in the kitchen.  You should always have a jar in your pantry.

From a sweet honey drizzle topping on ice cream to adding moisture to baked goods – you will find hundreds of simple honey recipes to add a buzz to your meal plan.

From main dishes such as Honey Shrimp Stir Fry to a delicious Honey Bee Cake, you are sure to find a use for this versatile ingredient.

Bee Gardens

One of the easiest ways to help bees is by practicing bee friendly gardening.  Bee gardens are not much different than a traditional garden.  They should include flowers for bees that provide food and shelter.  A safe water source for bees also attracts pollinators to the garden.

Choose bee friendly trees, or shrubs that bees like. Consider all the needs of bees and other area pollinators. When designing your bee friendly garden, provide wide pathways to help prevent bee stinging situations. Also, a few cute bee decorations can add a whimsical touch to the whole endeavor.  Everyone can share in the beauty of the garden.

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