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Explore hundreds of articles on Beekeeping, covering everything from hive management to equipment essentials and beekeeping best practices. I offer detailed articles and follow a step-by-step approach to help you take your beekeeping experience to the next level. Plus, discover tips on beeswax, honey usage, and creating bee-friendly gardens.


Whether you’re a beginner beekeeper just getting started or an experienced apiarist looking to enhance your skills, these informative posts and practical tips are just what you need. Explore these beekeeping topics and take your skills to the next level.

Everything Bees

Discover the world of honey bees and their fascinating relatives. These remarkable pollinators have advanced social structures and play an important role in our ecosystems. This wealth of information about bees will broaden your knowledge and appreciation – making you a better keeper of the bees.

Buzz into Beekeeping

Experience the joy of keeping bees and learn more about hive styles, pest management, harvesting honey, modern uses for beeswax, and so much more!


Unravel the secrets of beeswax – a remarkable substance made by honey bees. You will learn how honey bees produce beeswax and the hundreds of ways you can use it in and around your home.


Immerse yourself into the sweet world of honey. Learn how bees use plant nectar to make many different varieties of honey that we can enjoy. In addition to being a excellent compliment at the table, you will learn many diverse applications for using honey: from creating home beauty products to a natural sweetener for your favorite beverage.

My Beekeeping Journal

Available to use immediately as a digital download or in print from Amazon. The beekeeping journal is more than just a diary. It contains a beekeeper’s calendar and dozens of helpful tips.


Explore our collection of honey recipes and learn how this natural sugar can add flavor and sweetness to any meal. Whether you are an experienced chef or a novice in the kitchen, these easy to follow recipes will help you incorporate honey into your favorite dishes.

Bee Gardens

Create a buzzin haven for our winged pollinator friends. Learn about the best bee friendly plants and gardening practices that you can put in place to welcome bees to your garden. Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary for hungry bees.

Bee Crafts

If you love making things, this collection of posts will certainly get your creative juices buzzing. Honey bee themed crafts that are suitable for all ages are found within. Easy to make gift ideas and great “lets-do-it-together” projects for the kids or grandkids.

Questions & Answers Every Beekeeper Should Know.

You’ve read, studied and watched all the videos – but can you pass the test? Find out in this delightful quiz book designed for beekeepers.