Flowers for Your Honey Bee Garden (E-Book)

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How to Find the Best Flowers for Your Garden

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Planting for bees and other pollinators is a favorite pastime for many gardeners. Of course it is not just beekeepers who want to help bees.

When we chose plants that are pollinator friendly, we are helping much more than just honey bees. Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Moths and other insect and animals benefit.

This book has been updated and revised to help you decide (among the many thousands) which plants are best for your bee garden. This is just the beginning of course but it will get you off to a great start.

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This e-book (download edition) will help you get started creating a honey bee oasis in your backyard. And, you don’t need to have a large meadow to make a difference.

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Honeybees need a wide variety of food sources in order to be healthy and productive. They need pollen and also plant nectar to make honey. This helps them survive the Winter.

Learn how you can feed some hungry bees without a lot of trouble on your part. Things you will learn:

  • how flowers help bees
  • how to choose the best flowers for your garden
  • which flowers do bees like best
  • perennials vs annuals
  • can herb gardens help bees
  • how much space do I need to help bees

Don’t Wait – You Can Make a Difference

Choose some bee friendly plants for your garden this year. The local pollinators will be very thankful.