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Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles

The use of beeswax for candle making dates back through the ages.

Made from natural wax produced by honey bees, these candles are highly prized.  They are considered by some to be the cleanest burning candles available.

There are several reasons that candles made from beeswax are so popular. This natural wax burns brighter, longer and cleaner than other types of candles.

Bees are productive wax producers so beeswax is a renewable resource.  It can be used alone or mixed with other waxes to create candles for special projects.

The low melting point makes beeswax easy to use for crafting.  Molds for beeswax candles are available in every size and shape.

For those searching for a more traditional approach to candle making, hand dipper tapers can be made with a little skill and patience.

Even the youngest crafter can enjoy the fun of making candles with color sheet of wax.  Elegant enough to sit on the table of any decorator, making rolled beeswax candles is so simple and fast.

With a little beeswax and some wicking the possibilities are endless.  What kind of candle can you create?