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DIY Rolled Beeswax Christmas Tree Candles

Using rolled sheets of beeswax to make candles is so easy that anyone can be a successful candle maker.  Beeswax sheets are available in a wide variety of colors and they smell delightful.  In this article, you are going to learn how to make Rolled Beeswax Christmas Tree Candles.

image of handmade rolled beeswax Christmas tree candles with Holly

How to Make Rolled Beeswax Christmas Tree Candles

Beeswax Sheets for Rolled Candles

Beekeepers use sheets of beeswax called “wax foundation” inside wooden frames that are placed inside the hive.  This helps ensure that the bees build straight comb – making hive inspections easier.

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In most cases, this wax foundation will have wires embedded in the sheet to give the foundation strength.  However, if you want to, you can order foundation without wires embedded. 

The cream-colored sheets used in this demo is regular deep sized beeswax foundation without any wire.  I could just as easily use it in a beehive by adding some wire for support.

Colorful Sheets Make Rolled Candles More Elaborate

In most cases, you will want to order beeswax sheets that are intended for crafting purposes.  They come in an array of beautiful colors and are sometimes a bit thicker than regular foundation. 

picture of beeswax Christmas trees made with rolled sheets of wax

Beeswax craft sheets are usually about 8 1/2” wide and 16 ” long. These are the ones I am using for my project – beeswax craft sheets.

Of course you can purchase many kinds of candle making kits that contain a lot of different colors.

You can create many interested rolled beeswax candle projects by combining 2 colors into 1 candle.  But of course, the single-color candles are beautiful too.

image of colorful bees wax sheets used for candles

Striped Christmas Tree Candles with Beeswax

These candles can be used as small inexpensive gifts or even ornaments on the tree (unlit of course).  This is not a messy project but take care as small bits of wax can sometimes fall on the floor.

The final appearance of your beeswax Christmas tree candle will vary just a bit depending on how tightly you roll up the wax.  But, no worries – they are special handmade candles and not supposed to look like one of thousands from a factory floor.

Beeswax becomes brittle when it is cold.  Work in a warm but not hot room.  And you can gently warm the wax sheets a bit with a heat gun or hair dryer if needed.  Don’t overdo it or your wax will melt!

Use the Proper Size Candle Wick

Beeswax candles require a different wick size than some types of candle.  This is because beeswax burns hotter.  For this small project, wick size is not as crucial. 

However, the wrong wick size can result in uneven burning and dripping – things a good beeswax candle does not normally do.

Choose cotton candle wicking that is a size 1/0  or 2/0/ – be sure the/0 is on there as a wick size 2 is not the same as 2/0.  Wick is not very expensive.  It is a good idea to keep some on hand for other beeswax projects.

To create a striped rolled Christmas tree candle you will need 2 craft sheets of beeswax.  One of each color desired.  This can be the traditional colors of red, white or green but it is fine to use other stylish colors to match your décor.

Gather Your Materials for Making Beeswax Tree Candles

These small tree-shaped beeswax candles make a special addition to any holiday décor.  They can be used as tree ornaments, place settings, or party favors.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 colored sheet of beeswax crafting wax (or foundation)
  • 1 natural or white beeswax sheet
  • 18” of 1/0 or 2/0 cotton candle wicking

Tools & Equipment Needed:

  • Hair dryer or heat gun
  • Scissors or crafting knife
  • Ruler or t square

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Step by Step Directions for Making 2 Color Rolled Beeswax Christmas Tree Candles

  1. Lay 2 Beeswax Sheets on a Sturdy Table

    Place the 2 sheets of beeswax on a table or sturdy surface. (You are going to cut the wax sheet so be sure to protect your table or surface counter).

    Lay the wax sheets – one atop the other – it does not matter which color is on top. I was using regular 1 sheet of regular foundation that was slightly larger – so I trimmed off the excess.

    picture of trimming 2 sheets of beeswax to same width

  2. Cutting Beeswax Sheets in Half Lengthwise

    With the sheets of beeswax laying in front of you (long side going left to right), measure 4 ¼” from end to end.

    Your goal is to cut the sheets in half lengthwise and end up with a long rectangle. Make the cut.

    You now have 4 pieces of beeswax – 2 of each color. Lay 2 of them aside for later – we only need 2 (1 or each color) to create our candle.
    picture of beeswax sheets cut in half

  3. Measure for the diagonal cut

    Place the 2 sheets of wax on the table – again with the long side of the rectangle running left to right. Align the sheets so that they are stacked on top of each other.

    Using your ruler, measure up ½ inch from the bottom of the rectangle on your left side – and ½” down from the top right corner.

    This line will create a diagonal line that you will cut along and create 4 triangles (2 of each color).
    image using a t square to cut a diagonal on beeswax craft sheets

  4. Measure and cut a piece of wicking

    Cut the wick for your beeswax Christmas tree candle – about 6” – you can always trim it later if you plan to burn it. You need 1 piece of wick for each candle you plan to make – a 2 of the beeswax triangles.
    picture of cut beeswax triangles and wick for candle

  5. Position the 2 colors of beeswax sheets

    Place one of the triangles on the table. The 3 ½” side is closest to you with the taper pointing away.

    Lay the other color of wax on top of the first sheet. Adjust the 2nd color of wax so that the longest edge is about ¼” up from the edge of the bottom sheet. The right angle of the triangle will be on your left side.
    image of 2 color sheets with 1/4 inch overlap for candle

  6. Placing your wicking on the beeswax triangle

    Put the wick along the short end of the triangle – left to right. On the right angle corner (this will be the bottom of the candle) the wick should be flush. The remainder of the wick can hang out the top.
    picture of candle wick being added to beeswax sheets

  7. Warm the beeswax sheet

    Gently warm the wax with your hair dryer on a low setting for a few seconds – to not overheat the wax.

    Take a ruler and use it to evenly fold up a small section of wax to enclose the wick. With your fingers – firmly enclose the wick in wax material.
    image of wax sheets being warmed and candle wick folded into wax

  8. Rolling up the wax Christmas candle

    Using 2 hands, firmly roll up the candle. Try to keep the bottom edges aligned properly with the same amount of overlay.

    Once the sheet is completely rolled up – hold the candle in your hands and let your body heat seal the edges.
    image of beeswax tree candle being rolled up

Important Notes:

Work with warm wax. The pliability of beeswax sheets is temperature dependant – warm wax is easier to work with. However, like all beeswax, the sheets will melt – do not overheat.

If you want to give your Christmas trees as ornaments, just create a loop in the wick at the top, before rolling up with wax.

Final Thoughts on Making Rolled Beeswax Christmas Trees

This year is a great year to add some traditional beeswax crafts to your holiday. Everyone appreciates handmade gifts and this one is very easy to do.

Don’t forget to check out my directions for making regular rolled beeswax candles – they are simple but so very elegant.

There are many ways to make beeswax candles. Try several different methods until you find the perfect one for you.

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