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Are you interested in embracing the holiday season and transforming your space into a warm festive retreat? If so, one of the most endearing ways to do so is to choose charming honey bee Christmas ornaments. These ornaments add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas tree or other holiday decorations and pay tribute to our important pollinators. This guide will help you find the most unique bee ornaments available. Your tree will be buzzing and your friends will want some too!

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There are many ways to incorporate a bee-themes into your decorating efforts. If you love making bee crafts, homemade items always provide a special touch to any decor. But, if you don’t have time to make them – luckily there are plenty of other choices available.

Why Honey Bee Christmas Ornaments?

Bee are a common theme in ornament making because of what they represent. With their tireless work ethic and reputation as “honey makers”, bees represent industry and sweetness. (Perhaps that is why you hear so many sayings or quotes about bees.)

Also, our fast paced world is quickly loosing connection with the natural world. When we take time to appreciate bees, we reconnect with nature – if only for a moment.

The memories of childhood Christmas trees and decorations are sweet for many of us. I remember favorite ornaments that would stay hidden in the box until “tree decorating” day.  It was fun to relive the stories associated with each one.

Types of Bee Christmas Ornaments

Let’s face it. It’s your tree (or your friends) and you can put anything on it that you want. However, some people get really serious about tree decoration. In general, the decorations fall into 2 groups:

  • modern
  • traditional

If this will be a gift, take the time to think about the recipient and which style of ornament they would most appreciate.

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Modern Ornaments

Modern bee ornaments tend to have a lot of pizzazz and flash. They will sparkle and shine on an upscale stylish tree but will also look nice on a homey version.

You will see variations of the materials used to make these ornaments as well as some unusual coloring. Some are best suited for the fearless decorator who knows what he/she wants.

 Bee Angel Christmas Tree OrnamentBee Angel Christmas Tree Ornament Ganz Queen Bee Christmas Tree Ornament 3 Inch MulticolorGanz Queen Bee Christmas Tree Ornament 3 Inch Multicolor Glass Bee Christmas Tree OrnamentGlass Bee  Christmas Tree Ornament Kurt Adler Beehive Glass Christmas Tree OrnamentKurt Adler  Beehive Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Old World Bee Glass Blown OrnamentOld World Bee Glass Blown Ornament Bee Charm Ornament – silver toneBee Charm Ornament - silver tone Bee Sunshine Hanging OrnamentBee Sunshine Hanging Ornament Old World Bee Skep Glass Ornaments for Tree (12391)Old World Bee Skep Glass Ornaments for  Tree (12391) Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Honey Bee OrnamentKurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Honey Bee Ornament Kurt S. Adler Glass Christmas Tree OrnamentKurt S. Adler Glass Christmas Tree Ornament


Traditional Honey Bee Ornaments

Having cherished, beautiful ornaments to hand down from generation to generation is awesome.  Unfortunately, many of these bejeweled ornaments are glass and fragile. What if the home has small children?

Honestly, at my home it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until the cat has climbed the Christmas tree at least once.

Here are some bee ornaments for Christmas trees that might experience a little bit more holiday fun than normal. Many of these ornaments are non breakable and all of them are quirky and fun to use on any tree.

 Bee Keeper Christmas Tree Ornament 3 Inch MulticolorBee Keeper Christmas Tree Ornament 3 Inch Multicolor Handmade Felted Wool Beehive Tree OrnamentHandmade Felted Wool Beehive Tree Ornament Honeycomb – Bees Tree OrnamentHoneycomb - Bees Tree Ornament Handmade Wood Bee OrnamentHandmade Wood Bee Ornament Old World Bee Collection GlassOld World Bee Collection Glass Beekeeper Incense SmokerBeekeeper Incense Smoker Bee OrnamentBee Ornament Bee Hive OrnamentBee Hive Ornament Handmade Beehive OrnamentHandmade Beehive Ornament Gold Honey Bee Clip-OnGold Honey Bee Clip-On


Special Beekeeper Ornaments

Perhaps you know someone who has a passion to become a beekeeper in the new year. We need so many things. Surprise someone with an ornament and something from my gifts for beekeepers guide.

Choosing a bee ornament for a senior beekeeper is a very thoughtful gift.  Someone who is no longer able to keep bees may enjoy re-freshening their beekeeping memories with a honey bee ornament. 

 Personalized Being A Beekeeper…Personalized Being A Beekeeper... Prezzy Personalized Beekeeper Christmas OrnamentPrezzy Personalized Beekeeper Christmas Ornament


Ornaments and bee theme gift ideas.

DIY Honey Bee Ornaments

And don’t forget, if you have the time and inclination you can make your own beeswax Christmas ornaments! It is a great craft project and you can use different molds.

With some coloring and cinnamon you can make traditional looking blackened beeswax ornaments too. They have a nostalgic look.

Even the kids can help use beeswax sheets to make rolled Christmas tree ornaments. In fact, these can be ornaments or candles. But, don’t light them on the tree! What a great idea for inexpensive small gifts.

More Ideas

You have many options to add a little “bee-ness” to your holiday cheer this year. If you feel just a little bit crafty, this easy DIY bee gnome made with a honey bee theme is adorable. You may even decide to whip up a small edible item from this list of honey recipes.

And, don’t forget the honey lovers in your life, you can find some wonderful honey gift ideas in singles and sets. Pair a small jar with a Christmas ornament to make a special gift set.

And, if you really like the person – or want to impress them – put together something special with several items – these ideas for honey bee gift baskets are sure to get your creative thoughts buzzing.


Ok friends, there you have it. Some of my very best recommendations for bee ornaments for Christmas gift giving. Remember, you are not limited to the tree – there are other fun gifts for bee lovers to consider.

I am sure you will find something great to please the bee loving friends in your life. Best wishes and happy hunting for the perfect ornament.

Now, you can preserve the memory of someone’s journey into beekeeping with honey bee ornaments for Christmas.

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