Easy Gifts to Make with Beeswax

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Gift giving can be quite the chore. But, if you have a recipient that appreciates handmade items, you are in luck. Even the most novice crafter can have success making gifts with beeswax. This natural was is made by honey bees and is a common ingredient in many DIY recipes and crafts. Natural, cute and practical, gifts made using beeswax will leave the recipient thrilled and thinking that you are a true crafting genius.

Examples of small gifts you can make with beeswax, diy beeswax gift ideas.

Creating your own candles, lotions, potions etc can seem a daunting task. But, they don’t have to be. There are many simple beeswax uses that you can create a small gift idea around. Whether they are of a personal nature or something for the home, these ideas bring a bit of the wonder of bees inside.

Homemade Beeswax Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love to receive a homemade gift? This is the ultimate compliment from the giver. Not only did this person get you something – they are sharing their creativity, time and resources to create something special.

One of the beauties of making gifts with beeswax as a ingredient is that you likely already have some of the other ingredients in your pantry. Save money and give a thoughtful personal gift.

Beeswax Candle Gifts

Perhaps you know a candle lover. Making beeswax candles is one of the easiest craft projects for beginners. Candles represent light and are a universal gift for many occasions. 

One of the benefits of beeswax candles is their long, clean burn time. You will find many different ways to create them. Whether using molds for large solid pieces or wax sheets for the more decorative rolled candles, these cute ideas are worth special consideration.

beeswax candle gift ideas tree bowl and glass image.

Solid candles can be made easily using molds or containers. This is a very easy project and the cost depends on the size of the candle you desire.

You really don’t need a candle recipe. In it’s most simple form, you choose a container, wick and beeswax. But, it is good to have some pointers on wick size etc. A DIY beeswax candle recipe gives those tips.

Another option is to pour solid beeswax candles using molds. They require more wax so they do cost more to make. However, they also burn longer so keep that in mind.

There are many things you can do to personalize this type of project. Use glass jars with dried flowers to make scented beeswax candles. These are elegant gifts and each one is unique.

For an easy project even the kids can help with try making rolled beeswax candles. They come in every color imaginable. And, if you are feeling really crafty you can try the beeswax Christmas tree candles too!

Though not technically a candle, these Beeswax Luminaires are so special that candles lovers are always enamored by them. Very simple to make but elegant enough for any occasion – give this idea some special thought.

Beeswax gift idea air fresheners in bowl or bar image.

Small Beeswax Gifts that Sweeten the Air      

In addition to commercial uses, beeswax is a favorite of crafters for several reasons. It melts easily and can be blended with many other oils and butters. Many of these ingredients are probably already in your pantry.

No matter how clean your home is – there will times when some areas experience a funk. Consumers spend billions of dollars a year on room air fresheners. These commercial products often contain hazardous chemicals with huge unpronounceable names.

This is where a small gift made with beeswax to freshen the air is very thoughtful. Safer than candles, these options freshen the air without a flame. Consider them as a small gift alone or part of a bee-themed gift basket.

Herbal beeswax sachets are fun to make and you can specialize them with favorite herbal scents and colors. Also, you can use any shape mold or fragrance combination.

Another easy way to freshen up any room is by using melting tarts. They do require a heat source but melts and tarts are really popular.

Simple beeswax melts can be made using cupcake liners as molds – so easy. Or, opt for a fancier project with beeswax and soy wax tarts in fun bee shapes if you wish.

Of course, they don’t have to be in the shape of a bee – but aren’t they cute? Use essential oils for the scent – they work with any standard melter heat source.

Beeswax lotion bars in gift tins in basket image.

DIY Health and Beauty Beeswax Gifts

You will find this natural wax as an ingredient in many health and beauty products. It is a natural humectant that seals in the natural moisture of your skin. 

Why not make your own for a fraction of the cost of commercial products. These recipes can be made very inexpensively and packaged in small containers. A little goes a long way.

Skin care is important all year long. These beeswax lotion bars are absolutely adorable. Using a cute mold and tin with a clear lid. People will think you spent a fortune but it is very affordable.

They are sure to be a hit. I love mine so much I don’t want to give them away! Of course, you can make regular homemade lotion too.

One of the most popular recipes on my site, beeswax body butter is a big winner – especially during the cold season.

Make a big batch and have many small jars to share. Beeswax skin care items are special presents for special people in your life.

And, we must not forget one of the most popular and easy to make beeswax gifts. Whip up a batch of DIY beeswax Lip Balm. You can vary the flavor to fit any preference.

Unique Gifts Made with Beeswax

A gift does not have to be beautiful or useful, it can be both. Because of the numerous applications for wax, you have many opportunities to find just the right idea.

The friend who is concerned about the environment and our high use of plastic wrap, would enjoy receiving handmade beeswax food wraps. Chose vibrant colors for any gift giving occassion.

If you have a friend who enjoys a real fire (and who doesn’t), these homemade beeswax fire starters are an awesome choice.

Using all natural items such as wax, pine cones and cardboard egg cartons – a quick bow makes this a thoughtful present for a camper or someone with a backyard fire pit.

Beeswax helps protect, nourish and restore wood surfaces too. For the friend who loves to cook, consider giving a nice jar of beeswax spoon butter. It lasts a long time and can be used on cutting boards too.

Nothings says “practical gift” more than something to keep your feet dry! Help someone get a few more steps out of those old boots with a jar of this beeswax waterproofing for boots recipe.

And for the seamstress who creates those beautiful sewing items for you, this beautiful little pure beeswax sewing cake in a kit bag is adorable.

Need a gift for a small child? You can make natural crayons using beeswax and let your young ones show their creative side.

Whether you need a small token of appreciation, a large gift that says – you rock, or a gift bag with several items-something on this list is sure to help.

Final Thoughts

There you have it-some great ideas to help you create the perfect gift made with beeswax for anyone on your list. While honey may be the most popular product from honey bees. Beeswax is worth more per pound and it is so versatile. With so many possibilities, the most difficult task may be deciding which ones to try.


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