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Funny Beekeeper Gifts – Useful and Unique

Buying presents for someone who keeps bees is not always an easy thing. If you are not a beekeeper, it’s hard to know what to buy! And no one wants to waste their money and not get a good gift. No problem, here are some great ideas for funny beekeeper gifts – both useful and unique.

Presents for Beekeepers Can Be Practical

Beekeeper tools and gifts.

Do you want to get your beekeeping honey something special? Maybe mom or dad, your friend or neighbor?  Due to the current popularity of honey bees, finding something nice and useful should be quite easy to do.

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Those of us who keep honey bees also tend to have a good sense of humor. This is due to the fact that beekeeping is not an exact a science and sometimes the bees do whatever they want. Here are some practical beekeeping gifts that have a humorous side too!

Multiple Hive Tools

3 Pcs  J Hook Hive Tool Frame Lifter3 Pcs J Hook Hive Tool Frame Lifter3 Pcs  J Hook Hive Tool Frame Lifter


Hive tools are an essential part of any beekeeping experience. Every beekeeper needs one – several in fact. You might wonder why this gift idea is funny?

Well, most beekeepers can’t keep up with them. When we need one – it is a struggle to find. This could be a sweet and funny gift for even an established beekeeper.

Buy the 3 pack and wrap them up separately. The receiver continues to open them one after another. Now, maybe they will be able to find one when they need it. LOL

Transport Mesh Bee Nuc/Package Bag

This useful item is for the beekeeper who end up with too many bees loose in the car. It also benefits the spouse or friend of a beekeeper who does not enjoy car rides with honey bees flying around their head.

A captured bee swarm, new package of bees or bee nuc hive fits easily into the bag. It allows the bees to have good ventilation while keeping them safely inside until you arrive home!

Colorful Bee Veil

Three Layer Ventilated Beekeeping VeilThree Layer Ventilated Beekeeping VeilThree Layer Ventilated Beekeeping Veil


Who said beekeeping wear had to be boring? Yes, white and other light colors are preferred for beekeeping suits but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. This is a great “extra” veil to have on hand for quick hive inspections. They come in several fun colors.

Smoker Fuel & Matches

Premium Smoker Fuel  Jute BurlapPremium Smoker Fuel Jute BurlapPremium Smoker Fuel  Jute Burlap


Bee smokers are used as a tool to calm honey bees. Done properly it does not hurt them to makes hive inspections easier. What a great present for any beekeeper – a pack of smoker fuel, with a box of those big matches or a utility lighter.

Humorous Presents for New Beekeepers

New beekeepers are often called “newbies” or “newbees”. I’m not sure if they like that or not but no one ever seems to mind. Starting your first hives is an exciting time but it can be rather overwhelming. Here are some gift ideas for the newbie beekeeper.

Beekeeping for Dummies

Beekeeping For DummiesBeekeeping For DummiesBeekeeping For Dummies


This book is both a funny beekeeper gift and one of the most practical things too. A well-loved resource of beekeeping knowledge it will be treasured for years to come.

Small Awesome Beekeeper Mug

11oz. Stainless Steel Mug w Gift Box11oz. Stainless Steel Mug w Gift Box11oz. Stainless Steel Mug w Gift Box


This small awesome beekeeper mug is a fun present to give to anyone who keeps bees. It comes with a gift box and can be used as a small coffee mug or a container for candy or extra change. A great conversation starter.

Beekeeper Parking Only

Beekeeper Parking OnlyBeekeeper Parking OnlyBeekeeper Parking Only


Everyone loves to feel special and beekeepers are no exception. Consider this beekeeper parking only sign and mark off a special place for your bee loving friend.

Beware of Bees

Beware of Bees SignBeware of Bees SignBeware of Bees Sign


We want to keep everyone safe. This beware sign features a warning that the bees might object to trespassers. A cute “tongue in cheek” way to say keep out!

Funny Beekeeper Gifts for Dad

Sometimes we need a Fathers Day Gift or a special present for a beekeeper’s birthday. Many men enjoy their honey bee hobby and love to talk about it to – everyone they meet. Here are some great ideas:

Bee Dad – Cooler Tshirt

Mens Bee Dad Gift T-ShirtMens Bee Dad Gift T-ShirtMens Bee Dad Gift T-Shirt


A great way to make your beekeeper Dad feel special – this funny t-shirt is sure to bring a few smiles to his face. In fact, it may become a favorite item in his wardrobe.

Men’s Bee Socks

Men's Bees Socks, AdultMen’s Bees Socks, AdultMen's Bees Socks, Adult


I’m not sure who will get the most smiles from these men’s bee socks – the receiver or the giver. BUT, I am sure they will bring a lot of laughs from everyone involved. What a great way for a beekeeper dad to show off his passion for bees.

Smaller Beekeeping Gifts for Men

Sometimes, you need a small little something to place in a stocking for a Christmas gift -or share with a causal friend. Luckily beekeeping has many little tools and gadgets that can be fun to use as well as useful!

 Bee Hat Cap-GreyBee Hat Cap-Grey Bee Whisperer T-ShirtBee Whisperer T-Shirt Fresh Honey Toy Truck DisplayFresh Honey Toy Truck Display Honeybee Yard SignHoneybee Yard  Sign Mason Bee HouseMason Bee House Multifunction Hive ToolMultifunction Hive  Tool


Beekeeping Gifts for Her

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a beekeeper Mom in your life. These items make some great presents for Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas.

Bee Sloggers

Sloggers  Waterproof Comfort Shoe- Bee PrintSloggers Waterproof Comfort Shoe- Bee PrintSloggers  Waterproof Comfort Shoe- Bee Print


Any woman will love a pair of these waterproof bee shoes. Sloggers last for a long time and are great for a quick trip to the bee yard or the garden. I use mine every day. They even have bee boots!

Honey Bee Gnome

Bee Gnome ScandinavianBee Gnome ScandinavianBee Gnome Scandinavian


For the gnome lover in your life, this adorable Bee Gnome is sure to be a treasure. A cute decoration for a desk or shelf in office or home.

Queen Bee Makeup Bag

Queen Bee -Makeup BagQueen Bee -Makeup BagQueen Bee -Makeup Bag


This adorable queen bee makeup bag will be appreciated by any lady beekeeper. It can be used for it’s intended purpose but is handy to hold any small items.

Funny Gift Ideas for Beekeepers

My office is loaded with BEE-Yond awesome bee themed gifts that people have given me over the years and I cherish them!  I love to shop on Amazon because I can do so from my couch and I have prime.

However, you can find some of these items elsewhere. I am just trying to get you started thinking bee. From there, let your imagination go wild.

Build Your Own Beekeeping Gift Basket!

An idea for you would be to grab a few of these items and put them in a gift basket for your beekeeping friend or family member. 

A few small beekeeping tools, a book and maybe some of the bee-themed gifts ideas above. That would really make a nice basket, don’t you think?  And remember, bee gifts are not just for beekeepers.

Okay, I have given you lot’s of ideas. It’s time to get your gift-giving up to speed. Many of these funny beekeeper gifts are useful too. Make some happy beekeeper friends no matter what the occasion.

Need a gift for a non beekeeper? No problem. I have a great list in another post that is full of wonderful “bee gifts for bee lovers“. And for the honey lover on your list ? Yes, I have that covered too – Sweet Honey Gifts for Everyone.

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