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Record Keeping is Important to Proper Hive Management

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Keep good hive records and take your beekeeping to the next level.


Why would a beekeeper need to keep records – it’s not accounting ya know?

Well, trying to remember everything going on in your hives is really hard. Especially once you have more than a couple of beehives! And besides –

Know What to Look For and Track in Your Hive?

This is where “Your Beekeeping Journal” becomes so helpful for beekeepers – especially beginning beekeepers.

Finding a Method of Record Keeping That Works for You

I tried all the different beekeeping record management systems. From online hive trackers to Excel spreadsheets and beyond, none did exactly what I wanted.

So, I used my years of teaching experience to create my own. Now you can use this tool as well!

The journal is not just a place to record your thoughts – though you can do that too! You will find many ideas and beekeeping tips inside so you can learn what issues need attention.

This Beekeeping Journal will help you:

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  • know what to look for during inspections
  • track colony growth
  • plan tasks ahead
  • use Beekeepers Calendar (included)
  • track brood patterns
  • use bloom guide to compare seasons year to year

See what other’s are saying :

Your Beekeeping Journal Review

I love Master Beekeeper Charlotte’s “Your Bee Journal.” I have tried everything for record keeping, and nothing has kept me as organized as this book. It is extremely easy to use. I also love how there is a sections each month to note what is in bloom, this is incredible helpful. I give it 5 stars!
Robin Huskie

Your Beekeeping Journal Review

Your Beekeeping Journal has been a helpful way for me to keep up with the information I gather during hive inspections and has helped me pay attention to things I had not considered before.
David Ledford

Complete Record Book

I purchased “Your Beekeeping Journal” by Charlotte Anderson and found it to be the most complete record keeping book that I have seen. It sure is a big time saving way to keep tabs on your hives.
Gordie Maurer

Get ahead of the curve in your beekeeping success by keeping good hive records and avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

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