A Beekeeping Journal – Keeping Good Beehive Records

Why would a beekeeper need to keep records – it’s not accounting ya know? Well, trying to remember everything going on in your beehives is really hard. Especially once you have more than 1 hive! This is where “Your Beekeeping Journal” becomes so helpful for beekeepers – especially beginning beekeepers.

Finding a Method that Works for You

I tried all the different beekeeping record management systems. From online hive trackers to Excel spreadsheets and beyond, none did exactly what I wanted. So I created my own.

The journal is not just a place to record your thoughts – though you can do that too! You will find many ideas and beekeeping tips inside so you can learn what issues need attention.

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This Beekeeping Journal will help you:

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  • know what to look for inside the hive and what to record
  • maintain inspection records for each hive to reduce inspection time
  • track hive growth throughout the season
  • plan beekeeping tasks ahead
  • use the Beekeepers Calendar (included inside) to plan the season
  • track colony buildup from year to year
  • track possible queen problems through evidence of brood
  • keep track of season changes from year to year

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Upgrade Your Beekeeping Records

Beekeeping has a strong learning curve and it can be confusing. Keeping track of things you did that worked for you or did not – is very valuable information.

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Get ahead of the curve in your beekeeping success by keeping good hive records and avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

Available in Full Color Print From Amazon

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