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Jalapeno Hot Honey – Make Your Own

Honey has an unique taste. Yet each jar can contain a different nuance of flavor. This is because honey bees gather nectar from millions of flowers to produce honey. Each type of nectar adds its own floral gifts to the end product. You can take this flavor experience one step further by making hot honey. Make your own Jalapeno honey by infusing raw honey with hot peppers.

jar of raw honey and jalapeno pepper image.

Infusing Honey with Herbs and Flavors

While honey flavor is determined by the flowers that bees like, we can add flavors too!

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Infused honey is made by adding a hint of flavor from various herbs, fruits or flowers.

Traditionally, fresh herbs are gathered and washed. After removing any dirt, old leaves etc, they are placed in a nylon bag and placed into a jar of honey.

Now, the wait begins. Place your jar of honey in a sunny windowsill. Over the next couple of weeks, the honey takes on some of the herbal flavor.

Popular flavors are rosemary, mints, lavender and chamomile. But you don’t have to stop there – you can make hot flavored honey.

jar of honey with pepper - make your own jalapeno honey

Making Hot Honey Quickly

Sometimes you need a special honey in a hurry. No problem. You can make Jalapeno Honey in a short period of time.

Normally, I am not in favor of heating honey. Heat can destroy some of the natural nutrients and enzyme properties of raw honey.

However, heat is necessary in order to speed up the infusion process. Warmth encourages the release of the jalapeno essence.

To protect the integrity of my honey as much as possible, I warm it in a double boiler. Also, the honey never reaches a truly hot temperature.

Note: If do not wish to heat honey, use the sunny windowsill method. That way of making honey infused with Jalapenos will work just fine too.

How to Make Jalapeno Honey

Supplies needed:

  • 1 cup of raw honey
  • 1 raw jalapeno pepper


  • double boiler or equivalent
  • knife
  • spoon or something to stir with
  • strainer 
  • containers

Time needed: 2 hours.

Step by step instructions to make hot honey with jalapeno peppers.

  1. Gently warm honey

    Measure 1 cup of raw honey into a glass cup or other container. Place this in a double boiler set on low. We want to gently warm the honey.

    Warming raw honey in a double boiler image.

  2. Slice pepper

    Thinly slice one jalapeno pepper. Discard the end and the stem.

    Sliced jalapeno pepper prepared to infuse honey image.

  3. Steep pepper in honey

    Once the honey is warm, add the sliced jalapeno and stir well. Let this mixture steep for 10 minutes. Do not over heat the honey.

    Slice peppers steeped in warm honey image.

  4. Strain out skins and seeds

    Remove honey with peppers from heat. Use a strainer to remove the pepper slices and seeds from the honey.

    Jalapeno slices strained from warm honey image.

  5. Seal hot honey in container

    Seal your jalapeno honey in a jar with a tight lid. **If you leave pepper slices in the jar – use within a couple of days or place in the refrigerator.

    The excess moisture from the pepper slices could cause the honey to ferment if left on the counter.

    Honey with sliced jalapenos on top image.

Notes for Making Hot Honey

  • Be sure to label your jar of hot honey to avoid mistakes in the kitchen
  • This recipe produces a mild pepper flavor. To create a hotter honey use 2 or 3 jalapenos per cup of honey.

Enjoy Hot Honey in Your Favorite Dishes

Jalapeno honey is easy to make and adds some buzz to your sauces and marinades. It is the perfect combination of heat and sweet. Have fun experimenting and surprise someone with a spoonful of hot honey!

Maybe you would like to use your hot honey to make some Honey Glazed Pineapple. Hot honey makes great gifts too! Choose a small pretty jar and label when giving honey as a gift.

Also, don’t forget about Honey Infused with Lemon and Ginger the next time you have a cold!

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