Handmade Honey Bee Crafts

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Welcome to the hive of creativity where honey bee crafts buzz with excitement! While not all of us can tend to a backyard hive, we can still celebrate the vital role of bees through the joy of crafting. Creating unique buzz-worthy bee craft projects is a great way to get your buzz on and pay tribute to our winged friends!

Various bee themed craft projects in yellow and black image.

Making things allows you to release your creativity in a fun way. You can make each product your own. And, when it comes to understanding the importance of bees, these projects are a great way to share the message.

Bee Themed Crafts for Everyone

Creating interesting craft and art projects featuring bees is not just for young children. Older kids and grownups like to have fun too. Not a gifted artist? That’s okay, this is about having fun not producing something that is perfect.

As a beekeeper, I focus on honey bees. But, you can envision these bee crafts as a bumblebee if you wish. While there are some differences between honey bees vs bumble bees – in the art world they tend to be lumped together!

Bee Crafts for Adults & Older Kids

Here are some honey bee crafts for adults to enjoy. They can also be completed by older children. Each person is different and the ability for fine motor control or patience to sit until the project is finished will vary.

Always have safety in mind. Any project that requires using heat or melting waxes should be done with the utmost care to prevent burns. Also, be careful with sharp objects and never leave young ones unattended.

Clay Pot Bee Candy Dish

Yellow terra cotta candy dish bee theme image

This project is a bit advanced because it involves working with a glass bowl. Otherwise, the skills needed to make it are very simple.

Follow the guidelines in the tutorial to insure you are using the correct size bowl and terra cotta pot. Your bee candy dish will be ready to use in no time. And it is charming even if you never put candy in the bowl.

Garden Art Pole – Bee Style

Wooden bee garden art pole decorated in bee theme for yard image.

This project takes some time and effort but the end result is wonderful. This adult bee craft or possible young teenager level. Using a simple wooden pole and outdoor paint – your imagination is the limit.

Decorate in any theme you wish but you know I am partial to those designs with bees! How would you decorate a bee garden art pole for your yard.

Clay Pot Honey Bee

Clay pots used to make a bee person image.

Clay pot crafts are very popular. This adorable project uses regular terra cotta pots to create a whimsical bee person for your garden or yard. It is quite unusual and you may be the only person around to have one.

Because we are using breakable pots, this project is best for adults or older children. Have fun – making a clay pot honey bee. She will be a beautiful additional to any pollinator garden space.

DIY Bee Skep Craft

Handmade bee skep and honey bee gnome craft sitting on log image.

Traditionally honey bees were kept in wicker bee skeps. If you want to honor this historical hive – make a miniature to add to your home décor.

Of course, no real bees will move in but this simple project brings a buzz to your living space. They are very easy to make and inexpensive as well! Create some DIY mini bee skep crafts for your space.

Easy DIY Gnome Bee

If you are crazy about gnomes or know someone who is… why not create a unique DIY gnome with a bee theme. They are really cute and can be accessorized in many different ways. They also look nice with the mini skep. What type of bee gnome would you create?

Kid Friendly Bee Crafts

Simple bee art projects can be used to help kids learn about these important insects. Also, it’s a great way to just have some relaxing creative time together.

Keep the age and manual dexterity of the child in mind when planning your project. Not every 6 year old has the same skills and the projects here are best suited for at least elementary level. They also make great gifts for parents, grandparents, teachers or special holidays.

Wildflower Seed Balls

Terra cotta pot with wrapped seed bombs.

Creating wildflower seed balls is a fun bee-related craft project for children. This nature project can incorporate many aspects of the importance of bees as pollinators. There are two common methods used (clay or soil)- choose the one you like best or try them both.

Bee Watering Station

Bee watering station made from a clay pot image.

There are many ways you can help thirsty pollinators – even if you only have a small space. One cute idea is a homemade bee watering station made with a clay pot and saucer. This bee waterer will last for several seasons when coated with acrylic sealer.

Tin Can Bee Craft

Recycled tin can make into a bee image.

A great way to recycle an empty can is the creation of this tin can bee project. I used a large green bean can but any size will work. A few stripes and a pair of googly eyes completes the look.

This cute bee themed craft idea provides work of art for your garden and provides a home for solitary bees such as mason bees. Honey bees will not move into your tin can bee but other insects will enjoy it.

Golf Ball Honey Bees

Bees made from old golf ball in the garden image.

Would you love to have some bees in your garden that presented a zero chance of stinging? This cute bee craft project uses old golf balls to create bees.

Of course, I envision them as honey bees but they could be any type of bee – even bumble bees or maybe ladybugs!

A great project for older kids with supervision for the wire parts. It requires some manual dexterity. They are durable for use outside too. Make some golf ball bees for your garden this year.

Painted Rock Bees

Smooth rocks painted like bees image.

Rock painting is a fun craft because anyone can do it and it is an inexpensive activity. Of course, I needed some that looked like honey bees or perhaps a bumblebee! To make them outside durable, be sure to spray with a coat of acrylic sealer when finished.

Use them to decorate your bee garden or given as gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas gifts and more! Affordable, easy and fun – now that’s a great project to try. DIY painted rock bees.

Small Bee Waterer Dish

This project is easy peasy – even the youngest child can enjoy it with just a little supervision. It is a good exercise in fine motor skills. Preschoolers can help select and place the rocks or gems with an older kid to help manage the glue.

Bees, butterflies and other insects enjoy a cool sip of water on a hot day. This small waterer will provide that and it makes a nice handmade gift for moms, gardeners or any bee lover. Build a clay dish bee waterer.

Clay dish with stones for bee waterer image.

Honey Slime

A jar of homemade honey slime with bees in glass jar.

Kids love playing with slime. Believe it or not there is a nifty science lesson here too. Paired with a conversation about the importance of bees – an individual bee only makes a small amount of honey in her lifetime. But the colony works together for the good of the whole.

Making some honey slime is a great activity for an afternoon of sensory play. Little plastic bees can be included in the mix of left out. This tutorial does not use actual honey. Learn how to make honey slime.

Make a Bee Craft Project

Wooden craft honey bee project.

This simple project uses craft sticks for the body and black pipe cleaners for antennae and 6 bee legs to create a simple honey bee.

As kids learn how to make a cute little bee – this is a great opportunity to talk about the importance of pollinators to our lifestyles. How to make a bee with craft sticks.

Beeswax Preserved Leaves

Colorful Fall leaves coated in beeswax.

Collecting Fall leaves is a great way to learn more about nature and how to identify trees. With a simple beeswax dip, you can preserve them for months to come. They make a beautiful Fall display in your home- Preserving Fall leaves with beeswax.

Special Beeswax Candle Projects

Beeswax candle crafts made with sheets, egg shells and molds image.

I love making beeswax candles – don’t you? It is also a lot of fun to find crazy ideas for molds – you never know what the end results may be.

Bee themed candle projects don’t have to be boring. They can be creative works and make beautiful seasonal decorations. Perfect for any bee-lover.

In additional to regular rolled beeswax candles, you can tweak the design a bit to make mini Christmas tree candles.

Another unique idea – use empty egg shells to make solid candles that really burn. Perfect for Easter or any time you need a warm glow. Try making your own egg shaped beeswax candles.

If you are up to a bigger challenge, wax bowls – called beeswax luminaires are really a lot of fun to make. Definitely a project for your ladies group or teenagers.

More Bee Crafts from Hive Products

The honey bee colony provides delicious honey and beeswax that can be used for so many DIY recipes and projects. Consider trying a few of these.

Anyone who is a beekeeper or bee lover will be delighted to receive one of these special creations. Continue to learn more about bees and everything that they offer with these fun bee crafts. Through your projects, perhaps others will be more likely to “think bee”.

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