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DIY Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub with Honey

Enjoy the pleasure of creating your own homemade sea salt scrub with honey.  Salt scrubs are incredibly easy to make and use.  The exfoliating properties of sea salt with the moisturizing properties of raw honey creates a luxurious spa experience for very little money. Try one of my favorite recipes – DIY Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Honey.    

himalayan pink sea salt and honey in a clear container image.

DIY Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Scrub with Honey

Benefits of Honey Salt Scrubs

Salt scrubs offer excellent exfoliation and aid in removing dead skin cells.  When dead skin cells are removed, this helps give your skin a brighter fresher appearance. 

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Sea salt is made from seawater and contains many beneficial minerals that can aid in skin care.

Of course, you can use regular sea salt but pink sea salt.  However, pink sea salt looks really pretty without having to add any color.

pink himalayan sea salt and honey body scrub

These natural salt scrubs are best reserved for use on the body – avoid using a salt scrub on sensitive skin or your face.  Use gentle massaging motions when cleansing with salt scrubs and rinse well. 

Raw Honey for Skin Care

Skin care is one of the most popular common uses for honey. Raw honey contains many beneficial compounds to promote healthy skin. Honey has mild exfoliating properties alone and is antibacterial as well.

Used in many health and beauty products, you will find honey as an ingredient in many face washes, soaps, lotions and more.

If you have a jar of honey that has crystallized (become gritty) don’t throw it out – you can fix crystallized honey.

How to Make Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub with Honey

Building on a base recipe of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, oils and honey, this recipe is inexpensive to make and use.  In fact, keep this idea on hand for those last minutes gifts.

Supplies needed:

Tools needed:

  • double boiler

Time needed: 1 hour.

Step by step instructions for making pink sea salt honey scrub.

  1. Measure sea salt

    Measure 2 cups of Pink Himalayan sea salt into a mixing bowl. The recipe calls for a fine grind.

    Tip: If you only have coarse ground salt, you can try putting it in a blender for a few seconds.

    Sea salt measured into bowl for body scrub image.

  2. Add oils

    Measure and combine the Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil into a microwave safe measuring cup.

    Gently warm in the microwave for just a few seconds – stir well.

    Combined oils for salt scrub in a glass measuring jar image.

  3. Add honey and other ingredients

    Add the raw honey, Vitamin E Oil and 30 drops of your favorite essential oil to the oil mixture. (Lavender, Orange, Lemon or which ever scent you prefer) to the warm oils and stir well.

    Adding honey to sea salt scrub recipe image.

  4. Mix oil with salts

    Combine the oil honey mixture with the sea salt and stir, stir, stir. We want to completely incorporate all of the salt particles and oils so that no dry areas remain.

    Combine honey oil mixture with salt to make scrub image.

  5. Spoon into containers

    Spoon your finished Himalayan Pink Sea Salt & Honey Scrub into the chosen containers. Any type of air tight container is fine.

    However, I would suggest one that has a larger opening to make it easier to use. Also, consider plastic containers due to the risk of breakage in the bath or shower.

    Spooning honey salt scrub into small containers image.

  6. Add tag and ingredient label

    A simple tape tag is fine for home use or create a gift label if you want to share.
    This is a great way to make many small single use gifts.

    Spoon small amounts into a bee themed bag and give as small gifts. Very inexpensive.

    Do be sure to label the bags with ingredients listed (in case of allergies) if you are presenting them as gifts!

    Small gift ready bags of pink sea salt honey scrub image.


Safety Note: The use of this product can make the bath slippery. Use care to avoid falls when using this or any oily bath product. If you are concerned about skin allergies – try on a small area of your skin first.

This recipe is shared for entertainment purposes only – I accept no responsibility for any risks involved in its use.


Store your body salt scrub in a jar with a tight fitting lid. It should stay fresh for several months.

These make awesome gifts for any occasion. What a wonderful project to create custom gifts for Christmas or birthdays. Combine this project with some homemade Honey Bath Bombs for a great skin care basket.

For a even larger gift, include a set of rolled beeswax candles.

Using natural oils and ingredients protects your family from unknown chemicals that appear in many commercial products.

People are developing a deeper appreciation for gifts that are handmade. The bees provide us with the resources to make things for our home.

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