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How to Make a DIY Honey Salt Scrub

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Try this DIY Honey Salt Scrub with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt for a relaxing bath. The exfoliating properties of sea salt with the moisturizing properties of raw honey creates a luxurious spa experience for very little money. Salt scrubs are incredibly easy to make and use. They are also easy to customize with different fragrances – or leave them unscented.

Jar of pink sea salt and honey to make a natural salt scrub.

It may seem strange but skin care is one of the most popular uses for honey. Any type of honey will work (you don’t need to spend a lot of money). The beneficial compounds in honey promote healthy skin.

Honey & Himalayan Salt Scrub Benefits

So what is the big deal about using this recipe? Well, salt scrubs offer excellent exfoliation and aid in removing dead skin cells. 

When dead skin cells are removed, this helps give your skin a brighter fresher appearance. Also, the process of gently massaging your arms and legs can work wonders for revitalization.


This DIY honey salt scrub recipe is so easy to make and it will not cost a lot either. You can do some substitution on the oils – if you don’t have all of them on hand.

  • sea salt
  • honey
  • oils
  • skin safe essential oils
Pink sea salt in coarse and fine grind for scrub recipes.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is a popular ingredient in scrubs. Made from seawater, it contains many beneficial trace minerals and nutrients that can aid in skin care.

Himalayan sea salt is a true rock salt from Pakistan. It is edible and is often used in seasoning.

White is just fine but pink salt looks really pretty without having to add any color. Fewer additives in any products we rub on our skin are often a good thing to consider.

In my opinion, these natural salt scrubs are best reserved for use on the body. Avoid using a salt scrub on sensitive skin or your face. 

I love the appearance of coarse ground sea salt but a fine ground is softer on your skin. If you do use coarse ground, I would reserve it for those tough areas such as elbows and feet.

You can use regular table salt if you wish. But it lacks the abundance of minerals found in sea salt.

Some folks like to include epsom salts in homemade salt scrub recipes. This is fine – it is really not a salt but magnesium sulphate and is good for aching muscles.

And as with any skin care product, try it out on a small area first. Anyone can be allergic to anything.

Raw Honey

I like using raw honey for everything when possible. It has mild exfoliating properties alone and is antibacterial as well.

Used in many health and beauty products, you will find honey as an ingredient in many face washes, soaps, lotions and more.

Keeping a jar of honey in your pantry is always a good idea. Honey never spoils or goes bad – if protected from moisture.

Speaking of soap, if you have never made it – try this easy goat’s milk and honey soap recipe with no lye.

Important tip: If you have a jar of honey that has crystallized (become gritty) don’t throw it out – you can fix or decrystallized honey.

And don’t forget another product that comes from bees. You can use the wax for homemade beeswax lotions and body creams too.


This diy salt and honey scrub recipe uses small amounts of 3 oils: sweet almond, jojoba and grapeseed. Each one of these has it’s own unique properties that make it good for skin care.

However, at the end of the day – it is oil. If you do not have these – you can substitute coconut oil or even olive oil.

Essential Oils

The use of essential oils is optional. In this project, they are mostly intended to offer scent. However, a nice fragrance adds another degree of relaxation to the salt scrub process.

I often use lavender essential oil for body products because it is soothing and a favorite of most users. It is considered good for relaxation and mood.

But, you can use any fragrance that you like (Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Rose, etc.) – just be sure it it safe for skin use. Some people are more sensitive to citrus oils. Be sure to use steam distilled citrus oils in body scrubs.

Steps to mix up salt honey and oils to make a scrub.

Mixing it Up

1. Begin with fine ground pink Himalayan sea salt. (if you have coarse ground you can put it in the blender for a few minutes).

2. Combine your oils in a microwave safe cup. Gently warm for a few seconds. Add honey, Vitamin E oil and essential oils and stir.

3. Pour the oil mixture into the salt and stir, stir, stir.

4. Once everything is well mixed – spoon into a wide mouth jar and seal with a lid.

Storage and Use

Store your body salt scrub in a jar with a tight fitting lid. It should stay fresh for several months. This can be used in the shower – but be careful of slips.

Use gentle massaging motions when cleansing with salt scrubs and rinse well. They can be rubbed on and rinsed off.

But, I love using them in the tub, then soaking for a while to enjoy the fragrance released by the oils.

My favorite way to use this recipe is to run a warm bath and use the scrub on my arms and legs. Then enjoy a good bath soak with the residual oils, honey and salt.


How do I make a salt scrub?

A simplest recipe is to mix salt with a carrier oil such as grapeseed, jojoba or even coconut oil. You can add a few drops of skin safe essential oil for scent.

Is salt good for your skin?

A salt scrub is an excellent exfoliator that removes dead skin and aids in opening pores. They should be used gently to avoid irritation.

What is the best salt for making homemade salt scrubs?

Epsom salts is a good choice for scrubs for someone with skin problems. Sea salt is better at exfoliation.

Is it okay to use a salt scrub everyday?

Salt scrubs are made with materials to add in removing dead skin. But, this means they can be abrasive – it is best that you do not use them everyday.

More Ideas

Using natural ingredients to make your own products protects your family from unknown chemicals that appear in many commercial brands. And, making them can be a lot of fun too!

What a wonderful project to create custom gifts for Christmas or birthdays. Combine this honey salt scrub with some homemade honey bath bombs for a great bath care basket.

If you love the idea of homemade soap – this goatmilk and honey soap with no lye is a fun project and so cute.

To round out a larger homemade gift set: include a set of rolled beeswax candles, or a jar of natural honey face moisturizer.

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Jar of pink sea salt and honey to make a bath soak recipe image.

Salt Scrub Recipe with Honey & Himalayan Sea Salt

Charlotte Anderson @ Carolina Honeybees, LLC
Building on a base recipe of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, oils and honey, this recipe is inexpensive to make and use.  In fact, keep this idea on hand for those last minutes gifts.
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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Read my Disclosure.


  • microwave
  • 4 cup measuring cup
  • large bowl



  • Measure 2 cups of Pink Himalayan sea salt into a mixing bowl. The recipe calls for a fine grind.
    Tip: If you only have coarse ground salt, you can try putting it in a blender for a few seconds and grinding it to a smaller grit. You do not want it to be too harsh if you plan to rub it on your skin.
    Sea salt measured into bowl for body scrub image.
  • It's time to add the oils to the salts.
    Measure and combine the Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil into a microwave safe measuring cup. Gently warm in the microwave for just a few seconds – stir well.
    Combined oils for salt scrub in a glass measuring jar image.
  • Add the raw honey, Vitamin E Oil and 30 drops of your favorite essential oil to the oil mixture.
    (Lavender or any skin safe essential oil is fine). Stir well.
    Adding honey to sea salt scrub recipe image.
  • Combine the oil/ honey mixture with the sea salt and stir, stir, stir.
    We want to completely incorporate all of the salt particles and oils so that no dry areas remain. This mixture should not be soggy – only moist.
    Combine honey oil mixture with salt to make scrub image.
  • Spoon your finished Himalayan Pink Sea Salt & Honey Scrub into the chosen containers. Any type of air tight container is fine.
    However, I would suggest one that has a larger opening to make it easier to use. Also, consider plastic containers due to the risk of breakage in the bath or shower.
    Glass jars are okay if they are of sturdy construction and especially when gifting small amounts.
    Spooning honey salt scrub into small containers image.


** Disclaimer and Safety Note:  The use of this product can make the bath slippery. Use care to avoid falls when using this or any oily bath product.
If you are concerned about skin allergies – try on a small area of your skin first.
This recipe is shared for entertainment purposes only – I accept no responsibility for any risks involved in its use.
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