Beeswax Soap Recipes

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Soapmaking is a popular craft and there are so many ways to do it! However, using beeswax in soapmaking may seem like a new idea – actually it has been a popular ingredient for centuries. Let’s journey down this path for just a bit and see why beeswax is a good companion in soap crafting. Then, we can explore some beeswax soap recipes.

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We are familiar with many beeswax uses including: candles, lotions and potions. But, it can also add a special something to your homemade soap recipe and your skin may thank you.

Benefits of Beeswax in Soap Recipes

With a plethora (a lot) of natural ingredients to use in a soap recipe – why beeswax? What can it bring to the product that is special? There are several benefits of having a little beeswax in your soap – these include:

  • moisturizer for skin
  • natural emollient
  • protective barrier
  • texture

In the cosmetic industry, beeswax skin care products are very common. It serves as a moisturizer that locks in natural moisture and softens rough skin. It also forms a thin protective barrier to protect skin from harsh conditions.

The texture that beeswax adds to many beauty products is another big plus. When added to softer oils, it allows for a product that has a firmer texture and holds up well in warm weather. These natural properties contribute to a good finished product in soap making too.

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Materials & Processes

The basics of soap making can be mastered through several processes. Hot process, cold process, melt and pour, with or without milk – soap making is serious business.

However, the materials and tools needed depend on the recipe and the process. In order to safely and effectively make soap with beeswax (or without) in your home, you must have a good recipe. Then, you must follow the directions.

Favorite Beeswax Soap Recipes

Here is a list of some of my favorite beeswax soap recipes found online. Follow the directions with care.

These recipes use various processes – pay attention to the measurements and cautions with each one.

How to Add Beeswax to an Existing Soap Recipe

If you already have a soap recipe that you like, can you add beeswax? No, not without some planning.

In general, adding beeswax to “melt and pour” soap bases does not turn out well. Actually, adding any ingredient to a basic soap recipe can cause an imbalance in the ingredients.

Be sure to double check your ingredient list and consult an online soap calculator when considering new recipes for beeswax soap.

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Expert Tips

  • plan ahead – it is much like a science project that mixes different ingredients and they change form.
  • purchase a kitchen scale if you do not have one-ingredient measurements must be precise.
  • where protective gear (glasses, gloves) where needed
  • if using lye keep pets and kids away

Cold process soap making is one of the most popular methods of creating your own product. That is what I used for years. However, for a very simple recipe using honey and a soap base: try this Goat Milk & Honey No Lye Soap.

More Ideas

When beekeepers harvest excess honey from the hive – they have leftover beeswax. The uses for beeswax are too numerous to list. Be sure to try some of them.

One of the oldest applications is making beeswax candles. These projects can go complicated or so easy the kids can help.

For body care, one of the most simple projects is making beeswax lip balm. You can customize it with your favorite flavors and fragrances. Don’t for that your feet need love too – try this luxurious DIY beeswax foot balm.

A bonus for overall beeswax skin care – what about this lightweight homemade beeswax lotion recipe. But for heavy moisturizing I love this beeswax body butter.


Why is wax good for soap making?

Waxes are great for creating a pleasing texture in a soap recipe. They help by keeping the soap firm and adding fatty acids to the composition.

How much beeswax can I put in soap?

Always run a recipe through a soap calculator first. On average, a soap recipe should not contains more than 1%-2% beeswax.

How do you add wax to soap?

Gently melt beeswax in a double boiler before adding to the other butters and oils in your ingredient list.

Final Thoughts

Making your own homemade soap with beeswax is quite an adventure. This project has a special appeal to those of us wishing to monitor the amount of chemicals we are putting on our skin. You can enjoy a natural product that does not contain an added chemicals or petroleum products. Soap is just the beginning. Let your creative juices flow and see what you can create.

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