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picture of bees collecting pollen

Tiny bodies buzz through the air going about their daily chores with no thoughts for the troubles that plague humans – these are the bees.

The world contains thousands of species of bees.  Most of them are solitary creatures that create nests on their own and do not live in large groups.

But, the Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are the most well-known bees and they are social insects.  Known for their diligent work ethic, they collect nectar and pollen and care for young as a family.

Each member of this insect family shares some common characteristics but there are some many differences too.

The more facts about honey bees and other beneficial pollinators we know, the easier it is to understand their importance.

Do they sleep? Do they hibernate? How do bees fly?  We have so many questions and only some answers. After hundreds of years of research, bees still have some mysteries in the hive that we have not yet unraveled.

One thing is sure -without our winged insect friends, our lives would be very much different.  Bee pollination by honey bees and native pollinators play a huge role in our food chain.

Many of the foods we enjoy would be in short supply without the beehives used by modern agriculture. In recent years, we have come to understand the value of all pollinators and are seeking ways to help them.

In fact, they have become so popular that many people enjoy making fun bee craft projects to use to decorate their home or yard.

Even these simple actions can help promote awareness and open the opportunity for discussion on how many helpful insects visit our gardens.

Helping save our pollinators is important. Get onboard and help everyone remember to think bee.