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honey in a glass jarHoney – that golden sweet liquid that we all love.

Honey is a natural sugar – a sweet substance made by honey bees. These hard working insects do such a great job of making honey that they make more than they need.

This natural sugar has been consumed by humans for centuries.  When honey is stored correctly it never spoils, this makes it a great food product for long term storage.

Honey varies in color and flavor due to the different plant nectar used by the bees to produce it.  Each crop can have a unique taste.

There are numerous way to enjoy honey.  Perhaps you enjoy eating honey in the comb straight from the hive.  Pieces of comb paired with select crackers or cheese make a delightful brunch.

You will also find many easy recipes with honey as an ingredient. It stores forever in the pantry and is sweeter than regular sugar.  This means you can often use less in your cooking. You can even use it in hot tea.

However, the gift from the hive is more than a sweet treat for the dinner table. Uses for honey include the areas of health and beauty recipes too.

Tired of commercial cough drops?  Do you wonder what exactly is in them?  Make your own Honey Cough Drops for the family.  It is a great soother for coughs and sore throats.

As part of a skin care regime, how about a Sea Salt Honey Scrub for the bath? And, it might be a good idea to have some honey aloe salve on hand in case of minor burns. Or add some honey to your homemade soap recipe.

Honey never goes bad if protected from moisture.  However, it can crystallize – a natural process of this raw food. Don’t throw it out – you can fix it.

Get to know this special food made by bees and your appreciation for their hard work will certainly grow.